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By Brigadier(Retd) Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

America has not forgotten its old friend, the late Hosni Mubarak who had ruled Egypt with an iron hand putting leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist in prison . But times have changed. The Arab Spring brought up new leaders whom Arabs like and love too. We know that 25 per cent of all Arabs live in Egypt. So, Egypt matters.
The Obama Administration realised, that there was no point in backing the discredited generals loyal to the Mubarak regime as giving them arms would amount to pouring US dollars down the drain.
Consequently the Americans are now talking to the new Egyptian President, Mohammad Morsi of Muslim Brotherhood who was put in prison by Hosni Mubarak for his Islamist views and anti-American tirades.
Morsi has changed too. His education in California long ago and a study of global perspective helped him realise that the Art of Diplomacy means knowing and pracising concept of Compromise. He did not let the orthodox Islamist theory of keeping the Western world out of a bon-homie foreign policy. It is he who extended the hand of friendship to the United States and Obama was wise enough not to spurn the offer.
Now Obama and Morsi are happily smoking the Peace Pipe and the commerce between the two countries is growing.
Of course, it took a lot of convincing of boys back home in Washington DC to realise that the winds blowing from banks of the Nile was a changed one. There is now fragrance of peace and democracy. The days of oligarchy and aristocracy are gone, perhaps forever. Moreover, America has nothing to fear by befriending Arabs. The old rival, Soviet Union has disappeared from the global stage and its substitute, Russia is too involved internally in Chechnya and in building its economy to interfere with American plans of befriending Egypt.
Is this new policy of Obama Administration likely to be extended to the entire Arab world? Well, even President Obama is not sure about it and that too in the election year. His supporters predict his victory at the hustings but his rival candidate his not sitting idle. The last wo debates gave the incumbent President a thumbs up but that is not enough to say that his success in getting a second term in the White House is a sure shot.
Be that as it may, left to himself, Obama would like to carry on with the Peace plan in the Middle-East and befriend the entire Arab world. The specialists on Anarchy and Terror have realised that keeping the have-nots at arm’s length is just driving them into the arms of active insurgency and Osama bin-Laden style terrorism. So, the terror-specialists are of the opinion that keeping the Arabs out of the tent is potentially dangerous. So why not give them an elbow room inside the tent and keep your areas of interest out of harm’s way.
Indeed most of the Arab world is in turmoil at present. Syria and lebanon may be left to fend for themselves. The royal houses of Saudi Arabia and Jorden stand beholden to the United States for stability and are prepared to enlarge their shopping list on cash payment in hard currency to make America the sole beneficiary. Thus it would be in America’s interest, financial and political, to maintain status quo there.
One may safely predict that the insurgents and terrorists would not like to launch a frontal attack on positions where they are most likely to burn their fingers.
Turning our attention to Afghanistan and Pakistan post 2014 when the bulk of the NATO forces would have returned home leaving Afghans to fend for themselves, we find that there is a likelihood of  complete chaos and disorder prevailing all around. This prediction is not a product of a pessimist guiding a group discussion and forcing a line of action as per his pessimistic thought and the resultant action thereof. Indeed the American military strategists who had whole heartedly supported the line of action being pursued by President Barrack Obama wherein he had made a two-stage plan to be followed by action, have now no intention of eating the crow by revising the  strategy in Afghanistan in the closing  months of the decade long disastrous campaign that cost Uncle Sam rather dearly in terms of men, money and material.
Now it is too late to analyse afresh  the final military plan of the US armed forces that carried the stamp of approval and it meant   SURGE NATO TROOPS, DISSIPATE THE TALIBAN AND THEREAFTER WITHDRAW FOREVER. Well the Surge went off well, although it did not reach the optimum number. Nevertheless, the Dissipation of the Taliban remained a Distant Dream. The planned Withdrawal of the NATO forces is proceeding as per plan. The first and the third parts of the plan are fine but it is the botched up Second part of defeating the Taliban that did not take off the ground and is staring the NATO commanders in the face, rather menacingly.
The NATO top commanders have to translate their sound plans into action on ground  to avoid a Vietnam-type fiasco that overwhelmed a proper military withdrawal from Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City forcing the American GIs to run helter- skelter. The closing months, nay weeks of war on Terror in Afghanistan needs be kept under firm control and not let Islamic guerillas go berserk. The best weapon to subdue the Islamist troops is a liberal use of flame throwers or any other gun or howitzers that might burn the Taliban troops beyond recognition. The moment massive attack by flame throwers is in  evidence, the Taliban terrorists run helter-skelter so that their bodies are NOT burnt beyond recognition. In case their bodies are burnt completely, they would not be recognized on the Day of Judgement when Allah dispenses justice for the life thereafter.
It is wily Pakis that have been the major  source of trouble for the NATO in Afghanistan. Their military commanders have a suppressed desire to rule Afghanistan from the capital of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. They have their eyes fixed on the battle scenario post 2014 when the NATO, read Americans, would be gone for good. Then the Pakis would let loose their cruel forces to maim and kill fiercely independent Afghans and hold their sway from Oxus river (Amu Darya) in the North to the Hindu Kush mountains in the South-East and Kandahar in the South-West. They had tasted the fruit of their imperial designs when the USSR had withdrawn from Afghanistan lock stock and barrel after a decade long strife against the Mujahideens.
It is time the United States built an international opinion against Pakistan ruling the roost in Afghanistan. Indeed that would be disastrous for the global peace process and a booster for the Islamist terror movement at an international level.
Admiral Mike Mullen, now retired, had gone on record to say that Pakistanis are liars and must not be trusted. The Admiral was of the opinion that Pakis bite the hand that feeds them and who else could have a more bitter experience in this regard than the United States of America.
The United States of America owes it to the posterity NOT to let history repeat itself in the AFPAK region lest the Islamic Taliban terrorist hatch their evil plans there to destabilize the Free Democratic World.
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                                             By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

The sexual offences against women are on the rise, why? Because our legislators and administrators are busy amending the existing laws on the subject and making them punishable so that sentences to be handed down by courts of law mean a longer period of incarceration. The law makers have a notion, right or wrong, that it would be a deterrent and keep a potential rapist or a molester away from girls and single women when they are out in the street unprotected. Unfortunately, they ignore the most important point there.


The Vedic Thought, a sound base of our human society, and from where emanate human values, are indeed essential as a subject of study for adolescents so that they become human beings. A doubting Thomas may confront a Humanist at a corner in a dark alley and ask menacingly; aren’t we human beings? If we are not human beings, what are we? Why do you keep on teaching and preaching: let us be human beings. As it is, most of us are confused people. You, men of religion, are making confusion worse confounded by asking men and women to be human beings.
The Humanist or the Vedic preacher kept his cool and said calmly; my friend, you caught hold of my color, roughed me up and showere questions in a menacing manner. I could have followed suit but I did not do so. Something in my mind cautioned me: old boy, you are a human being and this kind of bullish behavior belongs to the animal kingdom t5hat lies in dark and deep abyss where the Sun never shines and its rays never penetrate. It is indeed Rakshas raj over there. Pray, tell me, how can a human being live and survive in that nocturnal world? We are human beings and our human values never flourished there. Let us withdraw from the Rakshas Raj and move over to the well lighted part of the existence so that we live like Human Beings as commanded by the Vedas and achieve what has been laid out for us in the Vedic injunction, MANURBHAV – BE A HUMAN BEING. The VEDAS enjoin on the humans  MANURBHAV and to achieve that goal we have to rise above the animal instincts and passions that degrade us, take away from us human values of life and leave us to obey our own animal instincts. Thus it is Eat, Drink, sleep, indulge in sexual gratification; live for the Self and not for the Society.
Once a man or a woman is well dined and treated to choicest wine, the person craves for passionate sex with no holds barred. The strong wine inside the head makes a man as sensuous as a devil or a she-devil. Gratification of sex, willy-nilly, becomes the be all and end all of life. It is here that sex and violence join hands, human values are thrown to winds and nothing in this world remains sacrosanct. Sexual intercourse with anyone anytime, irrespective of human relationship gains the upper hand to misguide minds of men transformed as Rakshasas. There is no control at all over thought and action. Committing sexual offences thereafter is just a natural corollary of the preceding action and reaction.


Mind is the Man. Let your mind be on the right track and let it guide your action, believe me when I say that you are not likely to go wrong anytime anywhere. When an individual has gained the mental strength through righteous action preceded by righteous thought, he or she will not succumb to sexual temptation, irrespective of the beauty, sensuous expression through words, signs or symbols, voluptuous body and ramp-like gait. One sided signal is not enough to persuade the other partner to have sex with anyone, anytime or anywhere. A man or a woman observing Brhmacharya that includes abstinence from sexual intercourse and intake of sensuous food and drink like red meat and alchohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, sprinkling of perfumes and talking with a kind of voice and mannerism that incites sexual instinct and encourages a man or a woman to go in for sexual activity of varied nature.
The syllabus made for modern system of education may be laying emphasis on grooming an officer, a bread-winner for the family but has little to say about making our finished product a complete man or a woman. There is little to learn by watching a senior teacher, a role model or the head master or head mistress discharging duties as a head of the institution. There is hardly any practical training or grooming to bring up the student as a future hwad of the family where he or she protect their children from molesters or rapists. The cases of close relatives or resident teachers casting an evil eye on the tender child under his charge are now growing by leaps and bounds. Anoushka Shankar, a daughter of Ravi Shankar the Sitar maestro has gone on record to say how , as a child, she was sexually abused by a male relative in whom her parents had implicit faith. It brings us to the point that parents have to be extra-vigilant in protecting their children from close relatives and friends who remain on the prowl to prey on innocent children.
The mother, the father and the Teacher form a triangle to educate, protect and groom a child of theirs. It is reiterated in the SHATPATH BRAHMAN, A COMMENTARY ON THE YAJURVEDA, WHEN IT SAYS:
Matriman, pitravan ,Acharyavan purusho Veda
And that places the responsibility for teaching, educating, protecting a child from sexual abuse etc on mother, father and the Guru.
Unfortunately, the coordination among these three is missing in the modern system of education and the child goes unprotected in the wide world where predators are out looking for a human prey both in day time and at night.


Prevention is better than cure. Vigilant parents and teachers will not let a potential molester go anywhere near a child. Watchful parents will take preventive steps to protect their adolescent children from going to late night parties unprotected and unescorted. Arrangements should be made to protect the children from vagabonds who are out at odd hours in uninhabited areas. Now new devices like chilly-spray and long nails have been marketed so that girls buy and keep them in the hand purse to use as a weapon of defence. It would be a good idea for the schools to teach and train both boys and girls in unarmed combat for self protection. Karate, judo, wrestling and method of raising an alarm to attract the attention of passers-by are some of the in-house protection methods that must be practiced.
Imparting knowledge of sexual abuse, methods of prevention or protection and an inkling into basic law that prevents women from being raped by unsocial and anti-national elements. A knowledge of sequence of rape activity will give girls self-confidence and they will not be stunned as and when the rapists start their illegal activities. A little knowledge of law, that is section 376 Indian Penal Code will give the victim confidence to resist because the social order and Law are on her side to protect her. Even anonymity is maintained so that the girl is not brought into disrepute.
The mental make up of men folk needs to undergo a tremendous change. The change has to be brought about on two fronts. The mental make up of potential rapists and molesters has to be changed by a brain-washing procedure. Later, a brainwash of the prospective bridegroom is also required so that he has no mental blockage in marrying a girl who was ravished by other men elsewhere. Let bygones be gone and look forward to living life anew and afresh. If the ravished girls are rehabilitated in the social order, the cases of post-rape fear will disappear. Moreover a rapist must never be considered a hero in society but must be looked down upon. This will decrease the number of sexual offenders in future.
Our social and religious reformers have a major role to play in changing the mindset of an average citizen. Both men and women should be encouraged to be bold, develop self-confidence and not to say DIE, just in case an untoward event takes place. Remember, there will be a bright and sunny morning again tomorrow, the night of gloom will be over and remember ISHWAR for protection and support. The future is bright, my friends.
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09 February 2013

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·                                bravery  beyond  borders of BHARAT       
·                        By Brigadier Chitranjkan Sawant,VSM
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TOYO, TAKLAKOT, Tibet – that is the hallowed place where stands a dilapidated Samadhi of a brave man called General Zorawar Singh, a Kahluria Rajput of the 19th century India. 

He was born in 1786 in the Kangra district but his bravery blossomed in the Dogra army of Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu. He is known not only for his generalship but also statesmanship. He fought and won battles in far off foreign lands of Baltistan in the West and Tibet in the East. He annexed the foreign territories conquered by the Dogra army under his leadership and made them a part of the Jammu Raj. Ladakh is now a part of India, thanks to bravery and sagacity of General Zorawar Singh.
Never has an individual king or captain fought and won so many ferocious battles in foreign lands located far away from the home base and eventually made them a part and parcel of his motherland as was done by General Zorawar Singh. 

What a shame that not many of his compatriots know about his adventures as not many historians of repute wrote or ballad singers sung in his honour so that his name and deeds are etched in the hearts and minds of the posterity. His last resting place, the Samadhi or Chorten (in Tibetan language) looks askance at the Indian pilgrims who are on way to or are  returning from holy Mount Kailash but a mute stare of helplessness is all that it receives in return.
Young Zorawar took interest in the management of his ancestral lands in Kangra and always thought of ways and means of improving the agricultural production. 

He was a precocious administrator right from the beginning. Notwithstanding small agricultural holdings that Zorawar’s family possessed, he took pains to ensure that there was no encroachment on it nor an attempt to effect adverse possession to be recorded by the village official.
One of Zorawar’s cousins had an eye on a part of the common holding and made himself busy with making evil designs to grab what was not his. Zorawar was a man of integrity and expected others too to be clean in their dealings. Since the cousin concerned was bent upon playing foul in disposal of the ancestral land, a fight was bound to take place. It did. Zorawar had the better of his cousin in a sword fight and the rogue met his end. The friends and relatives of the killed cousin wished to frame Zorawar legally and have him incarcerated.
As the legal proceedings were likely to go against the interests of young Zorawar who was just a teenager, the young man decided to flee his ancestral village to escape legal proceedings and rigours of a jail life. He went to Haridwar, the famous place of pilgrimage of Hindus of all shades and hues.
Some contemporary historians of sorts believed that Zorawar landed in Haridwar, one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage for the Hindus, more for personal atonement than to escape the long arms of law. He was a religious minded straight forward fellow and went to the place of pilgrimage to pray for a Divine Pardon. He did not want to carry this baggage of guilt resulting from the unintentional killing of a cousin all his life. The earlier atonement of sin was done the better it would be. 
It was, therefore, this religious atonement of sin rather than escaping arms of law that found him in a different garb in Haridwar.
Destiny had better things in store for young Zorawar than he himself had planned. In Haridwar, Zorawar came across Rana Jaswant Singh of Doda, Jammu and the Rana saw in Zorawar the great spark of military genius and leadership that would win laurels both in war and peace. The Rana took young Zorawar to Doda along with him with the intention of training him as a soldier. He did precisely that. Young Zorawar came out of the training phase with flying colours. 
He showed a keen interest in Logistics and specialised in the effective handling of Logistics as a force multiplier in war. His brilliant ideas in this field were appreciated by military experts of this branch of military strategy. What a pity, the same Zorawar, as a General and a matured and experienced commander in the battle field, lost the war at village TOYO in Tibet because of failure of Logistics in severe winter when soldiers burnt the Woodstock of their rifles and other firearms to keep themselves warm in the absence of regular fuel. Reinforcements and other essential supplies had failed to reach and the inevitable happened. More of that a little later.
While handling Logistics in Doda, young Zorawar had a chance meeting and a chat on effecting economy with the boss of the show, Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu. The new proposals for bringing in economy to save State exchequer money, put forward by young Zorawar was appreciated by the Raja and he gave a green signal to implement it. Not only that; young Zorawar was made incharge of the new project that he handled with aplomb and won laurels. Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu was mighty happy with Zorawar and made him Governor of Doda-Reasi-Kistwar area and conferred on him the rank of a Wazir.
Wazir Zorawar Singh did not look back after that and his march forward was onward and onward.
Chandragupt Maurya and Samudragupt were emperors of India who had moved their forces in Central Asia, defeated foreign armies and even married princesses of Greek royal household. The distant drums of India had not been heard in Central Asia thereafter. It was left to Wazir Zorawar Singh to march there with his combined armies of Dogras, Ladakhis and other foreigners professing faiths different from the Hindu Dharma and yet make them a homogenous fighting outfit that engaged and defeated in battles commanders and common soldiers of various Muslim principalities of Baltistan.
I shall give a short pause to my narrative to offer bouquets to Vazir Zorawar Singh and his Dogra soldiers. Loyalty was a remarkable factor in winning battles in Baltistan. It was a two-way traffic, soldiers to the commander and back from the commander to the soldiers. The deep sense of loyalty made them victorious wherever they went and fought. The TRUST built between them over a period of time saw them through thick and thin. There were acts of chivalry beyond the call of duty. For them the Dogra kingdom of Dogra Desh with Maharajah Gulab Singh at the helm of affairs, was everything. They hesitated not in sacrificing their lives at the altar of victory in battle. 
No wonder, entire Baltistan was theirs and they marched in victory processions from town to town; from principality to principality.
Gilgit, Hunza, Nagar and adjoining areas of Baltistan, far  away from their homeland, Dogra Desh, came under the direct rule of Maharajah Gulab Singh whose flag flew from the hills and dales of scenic surroundings. The Dogras, thanks to the capable military leadership of General Zorawar Singh, were monarchs of all they surveyed. The Company Bahadur of the Englishmen had given their seal of approval to the unfurling of the Dogra flag in the distant land but had cautioned them to be vary of the Russian bear that was on the prowl right there. In other words, General Zorawar Singh’s military operations were restricted within the Lakshman Rekha drawn by the British overlords.
It was a wonder of wonders. Simple Dogra men whose main profession was agriculture in villages and who lived below snow line were now conquerors and masters of Baltistan moving near snow line and practising their strategy of Loyalty, Trust, Training in peace to win wars and Will to Achieve Aim, come rain come shine. The Dogra army of Maharaja Gulab Singh of Jammu, under the capable leadership of Vazir Zorawar Singh  made history and had become a force to reckon with. 
Even their own kinsmen of the Lahore Durbar received a complaint from Mehan Singh, Governor of Kashmir under the Sikh rule, that prayed for putting a stop to Zorawar Singh’s campaign beyond Baltistan lest the interest of the Sikh kingdom was harmed. The Lahore durbar forwarded the complaint to Maharaja Gulab Singh who, reading between the lines, ordered Vazir Zorawar Singh to freeze in his tracks in Baltistan. The orders were obeyed.
Vazir Zorawar Singh had replaced the ruler of Skardu, Ahmad Shah with his son, Muhammad Shah and the arrangement gained popular support. The new ruler started paying Rs7,000 per annum to Maharajah  Gulab Singh of Jammu as a tribute and accepted the suzerainty of the Dogras.General Zorawar Singh built a new fort at Skardu and positioned a contingent of Dogra soldiers to keep an eye on the rebellious elements of Baltistan. It showed the confluence of military and political acumen of General Zorawar Singh because of which Baltistan region including Gilgit, Hunza, Nagar were a part of India. Of course, Pakistan gained control of these Northern Areas surreptitiously in August 1947 with the connivance of the rogue elements among the British officers and Muslim troops among Maharajah’s army.
Wazir Zorawar Singh despatched a contingent of the Dogra force under Wazir Lakhpat to move further up and capture Fort Astor and that was done without meeting much resistance from the Muslim forces who were already under an awesome spell of the Dogra superiority. The Darad raja was taken prisoner but had to be released later under orders of the Lahore durbar of the Sikh kingdom.
The genius of Zorawar manifested itself in his planning and preparation for an eastward march towards Tibet since the Westward March had been blocked by the Lahore Durbar and the British Governor General sitting in Fort William, Calcutta too was a bit uneasy about the Westward march of the Dogras. 
Another of the six  Expeditions of General Zorawar Singh to the high lands of Ladakh and the plateau of Tibet was undertaken.
The stocky Dogras climbed up the high hills from Reasi in the Jammu region to the place of origin of Suru river, traversing Zanskar made it to Leh, capital of the little Tibet, that is Ladakh. The rag tag army of Namgyal, Gyalpo of Ladakh was no match to the battle seasoned Dogras of Zorawar Singh. 
The military skirmish was over before it began and the rebels disciplined for hobnobbing with defiant Botis of Baltistan. With this mission accomplished, Zorawar turned to Tibet, untrampled by foreign feet so far. Travelling westward on horseback, on foot in an unknown land through large tracts of barren land and small hamlets of strange men and women professing faith of the Buddha, the Dogras reached Taklakot or Purang near holy Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar. General Zorawar Singh and his compatriots, not forgetting new Ladakhi and Balti allies, had a Darshan of kailash Parvat and took a dip in lake Mansarovar. Spiritual contentment was writ large on their faces. Little did anyone realise that this was the last holy dip and Darshan as death and destruction were lurking nearby.
General Zorawar Singh had headed such a successful campaign in Ladakh, onward in Baltistan and back in Ladakh that he and his fellow soldiers did not know how to thank their stars. In his own mind the General was planning a much bigger campaign to an unknown land to fly the Dogra flag there. He was awaiting reinforcements from homeland and also a word of Shabash from Maharajah Gulab Singh for achieving the near impossible. He and his men got a pat on the back but no clearance for moving to places unknown until they had a concrete campaign plan with a sound back up of men and material.
Winter fell. There was an early snowfall. Severe cold, frosty winds, lack of fuel for warming men and armaments took their toll on life and limbs. The bayonet strength fell from day to day. Food for men and fodder for the animals was in short supply. The soldiers burnt Woodstock of rifles and other weapons to keep the human body warm. And yet frostbite did not spare the sturdy dogras from Doda, Reasi, Jammu and even Botis and Ladakhis. The soldiers’morale was in their boots.
Meanwhile, the Chinese and Tibetans had assembled a sizeable force in the Taklakot region. Being natives of the place, the cold did not damage their body and minds so much as it did to Dogras. At an opportune moment the enemy struck. In the fierce battle that ensued, a bullet pierced through the right shoulder of the General but he picked up his sword with the left hand. A Tibetan horseman came charging and pierced his lance through the chest of the brave chief; who breathed his last on the battlefield. It was the month of December in the year 1841.
A large number of soldiers of the Dogra army met their glorious end fighting on a foreign soil in inclement weather where it was difficult to distinguish friend from foe. It was a sad end to a glorious career. A Samadhi was made with large loose stones and ashes kept there. The Samadhi is known to the local people as “Sing-ba Ka Chorten”. On my way to holy Mount Kailash, I stood in front of the Samadhi to pay respectful homage to a great son of India who lies there, unwept and unsung. He did so much for Bharat Mata and isn’t it the turn of Sons of the Brave to honour the Brave?
The silence around the Samadhi in the absence of an answer is deafening indeed!
The Tibetans, being superstitious, cut small pieces of flesh from the general’s dead body to keep in their houses so that Zorawar-like chivalry was passed on among the Tibetan people from generation to generation.
The sad news was broken to Maharajah Gulab Singh in Peshawar by Commissioner Lawrence during a campaign against the tribal rebels. He hastily assembled an army of brave Dogras and despatched them towards Tibet to punish the guilty. The Dogras carried the day in a military engagement near Chushul in Ladakh and killed the enemy general in battle to avenge the death of dear old compatriot, Zorawar Singh, bravest of the brave.
Soldiers never die; they just fade away – an age-old saying is still doing rounds of military barracks when a hero who fell in battle is recalled. I must hasten to add that General Zorawar Singh is neither dead nor has faded away. The great Patriot is still with us and shall be with all Indians till eternity.
General Zorawar Singh always earned the respect of both the victorious friend and the vanquished foe. In battle he fought to defend the values of life as enshrined in our Dharma. His honesty and integrity went unchallenged till his last breath.
In books of history and research papers, General Zorawar Singh is rightly called : Napoleon of India.

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By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant.,VSM

Narendra Bhai Modi is a giant among men with humane qualities. He is an acknowledged Hindu-hriday Samrat on way to becoming Bharat hriday Samrat with democratic values in mind and welfare of all Indians including old girl named after a Sikkim river at heart. The politicians who lost the race to power are barking but at the wrong tree. Filing false affidavits, tutoring witnesses and abusing the due process of law are some of the myriad misdeeds of detractors of the great administrator, Modi.
The People's Republic of China invited Narendra Modi as the emerging economic giant and military super power recognised the present qualities and potential power that the great Gujarati Bandhu wields for the greater good of the greater number who are citizens of India. Narendra Modi and Ji Xingping, the shadow President of China, have the vision of bringing the neighbouring countries on the common platform sans animosity. The present duo may achieve the Himalayan Peace that Nehru and Chow had failed to bring about.
May I advise our compatriots to have a liberal view of the rival and challenger of the yuraj or heir apparent of the tottering regime of the century plus old political party, presently on the Sadbhavna Yatra, and shake off approach of a Moron to view the Indian present and future in correct perspective. May Parmatma bless Teesta and her like minded friends and followers with some Buddhi or working intellect to enable her to distinguish between the Good and the Evil for ther own good and the good of all Indians inclusive of Gujaratis where she belongs. 


Born on 17th September 1950 at Vadnagar, Gujarat without a silver spoon in the mouth, Narendra Bhai Modi joined the Rashtriya Swyemsewak Sangh as a student when he had an impressionable mind. The imprint of the Sangh philosophy was so deep on his mind that he swore by it, lived by it and lived for no goal but to make Hindustan a global power and its citizens healthy, happy and true patriots. Modi did not profess a sectarian attitude to solving national problems and never encouraged parochialism. The leadership qualities of Narendra bhai received recognition from no less a person than Advani Ji when the latter chose Narendra bhai to oversee the election process in both Himachal and the new State of Haryana. He came off with flying colours and , thereafter, did not have to look back. Whatever he desired was his in a jiffy.

Narendra Modi knows that he has the welfare of all Gujaratis at heart and he has been working on it tirelessly twentyfour/seven. His words are not mere election promises that are seldom honoured in the land of its origin. No wonder the people of Gujarat love Narendra bhai 24/7 and not only for the election period. Indeed it is the love and respect of the Gujaratis that has helped Naren bhai establish records of sorts. Narendra Modi is the longest serving chief minister ever. He was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Gujarat on 7th October 2001 and has been there till today. With a view to learning the theory and practice of the Art of Warfare in politics, Narendra Modi worked for the Master‘s degree in political Science and got it. The knowledge gained therein has held him in good stead.
Narendra bhai has now widened his ken and his area of work has crossed the boundaries of Gujarat and touched the Himalayas in the North, the Indian Ocean in the South, from the western coast in its entirety to the seven sisters of the North-East. Expectantly Narendra bhai opened his All-India Electoral Account by addressing the intelligent youth of Shri Ram College of Commerce and the nation took deep interest in what he said and how he said and all major TV channels telecast it live on February 6,2013. Thus he gave a knock at the door of the next election process for the Lok Sabha and as per the random opinion poll Narendra bhai’s poll prospects for Prime Minister’s post  are positive.

The detractors of Narendra Modi see the Gujarat riots post burning of Kar Sewaks at Godhara as the golden opportunity to pin down the Lion Of Gujarat. The Congress party is playing the role of Jackal in this political drama. It wants courts of law to take judicial cognition of Narendra Modi’s role in the post-Godhara riots where more than a thousand Muslims were killed and then it feeds on the immobilised fall guy. Well, ten years have gone by and no one has been able to adduce even an iota of evidence based on facts. Naturally, a court of law cannot find Narendra Modi guilty of inciting violence against Muslims or of administrative inaction in the absence of impeccable evidence that would stand judicial scrutiny. It is well known that hearsay statements are inadmissible in a court of law as it is against the provisions of the Indian Evidence Act.
The Special Investigation Team(SIT) appointed by the Supreme Court to do investigation in riot cases, incidents of committing atrocities against Muslims etc did not find any reliable evidence or prosecutable evidence against Narendra Modi. Despite his being not guilty, it is seen that some eople are being pressurised to corner Modi and incapacitate him legally so that he is not permitted to stand for a post or canvass support in political meetings. But that is not to be because the sound system of our judiciary won’t allow a witch hunt. However, the dirty tricks department of the Congress party is still at the nefarious game. Nonetheless, they do not see light at the end of the tunnel.
Narendra Modi is being appreciated by all sections of the Gujarati Samaj belonging to all religions for his ablity in administering Gujarat without fear or favour. The Rule of Law prevails all over. Narendra Modi’s hold on the people of the State is so good that he got scot free even after demolishing illegally constructed temples and mosques in Ahmedabad because those were constructed illegally and came in the way of highways connecting rural and urban areas for developmental activities. That incident speaks a lot about the impartial approach of Narendra Modi to solving problems where both the communities, the Hindu and Muslims were concerned.
In cases where an intervention by the Apex Court would have meant slowing down Development of Gujarat, their Lordships declined to intervene and sent the case to the Judicial Magistrate concerned for disposal,
The common man in Gujarat is so happy with the Modi government that they have been returning them to the State capital after their win at the hustings time and again. In the last elections to the State Assembly in 2007, the BJP led by Modi romped home 122 seats out of 182. In 2012 the good old story of his success is most likely to be repeated.
The terrorists cannot have a more able adversary than Modi. It is unbelievable but true that after the Godhara related violence, there have been no communal riots in the State. Men and women of all regions and religions live amicably and see no reason to pick up arms and strike each other. The Islamist terrorists are scared of doing to Gujarat what they did to Mumbai, Maharashtra. Absence of an act of terror in Gujarat for the last ten years goes to prove that the Modi Administration is always on the alert and the false sense of security that they give to the Common Man has been exposed. The Islamist terrorist stands exposed and even his co-religionists call him names for disturbing Peace in Gujarat when all Gujaratis are living in brotherly tranquil state, a rare phenomenon.
Narendra Modi has already cautioned all concerned to give no quarters to terrorists, home grown or imported. It is worth quoting Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Terror. He said,
“Terrorism is worse than war....India has lost more people in terror attacks than in wars.”.

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