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The only way to save Hindu civilization

Though as per Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1889-1975), the British historian of civilizations, “Civilizations die from suicide, not murder”, a unilateral war is being waged by anti-Hindu forces to wipe out Hindu civilization the way other native cultures and civilizations have been destroyed in the world.

And though expansionist religions and civilizations demolished the ancient Greek, Roman, Maya, Inca, Aztec, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Persian, Norse, Celt, African, Aboriginal and many other native traditions, religions and civilizations, they could not destroy Hindu civilization because of stiff resistance from Hindu Bharat over the centuries.

History shows that civilizations which became too soft, and did not confront the aggressors, were attacked and erased. Since Hindu civilization also has become too soft, it is being attacked and demolished. Frontiers of Hindu civilization which used to extend from present day Afghanistan to Indonesia are shrinking and are being confined to less and less area.

And due to callous apathy of present day Hindus, Hindu civilization is facing an unprecedented threat to its very survival. As per Aristotle, “Tolerance and apathy are the first signs of a dying society.”

Hindu civilization used to cover entire Bharat Varsha (comprising the present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Afghanistan etc.) which used to be Hindu land with zero Muslim population till Muhammad bin Qasim’s Arab army attacked Sindh in 711. Despite the heroic defence of their motherland during repeated Muslim attacks over the centuries, Hindus lost countless lives, faced plunder and destruction of thousands of their temples, and lost Afghanistan in 987, and present day Pakistan and Bangladesh to Muslims in 1947.

Even after 1947, as is evident from census after census in truncated India, Hindu civilization is declining both in population percentage and in territory. Besides, Hindus have faced genocide and eviction from Muslim majority Kashmir to become refugees in their own country. Moreover, because of massive infiltration from Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindu civilization is losing ground as mini-Pakistans and mini-Bangladeshs are being planted on Indian soil.

Many Hindus apprehend that because of much higher Muslim growth rate and infiltration from Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindus in India will be outnumbered by Muslims in a few decades, and face the misery undergone by Hindus in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh which too used to be Hindu lands.

I am submitting below the main reasons for the pathetic plight of Hindu civilization; as also the solution to ensure its survival.

Fake secularism

Logically in 1947, on India’s partition on religious basis and creation of Pakistan for Muslims as demanded by Muslims, truncated India should have been declared a Hindu republic to re-assert its Hindu identity. Instead, a perverse ‘secularism’ was foisted on India.

‘Secularism’ as practised in India is fiercely anti-Hindu and is an elaborate hoax. It appeases non-Hindus; and targets Hindus for discrimination and disempowerment. Helped by this farce, with each passing day, India is being made more Islamic and more Christian and less Hindu.

Only a few examples of havoc brought by charade of secularism are given here:

Countless Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators planting mini-Pakistans and mini-Bangladeshs on Bharat’s soil; genocide and eviction of Hindus from Kashmir; global missionary organizations Christianizing India; government control over Hindu temples whereas no mosque or church is covered by such control; special privileges to non-Hindus under Article 30 of the Constitution; special rights to Muslim majority Jammu & Kashmir under Article 370; special benefits being conferred upon non-Hindus by many state governments; de-Hinduisation of education and history, and banishment of Sanskrit from education; distortion of Hindu religion and history; and provision of Haj subsidy though none of 57 Islamic countries gives any such subsidy are just a few perversities of secular India.

Hindu civilization is being hammered and erased bit by bit every day in secular India; and the Union government’s affidavit filed before the Supreme Court in September 2007 rejecting the existence of Ram and Ram Sethu de-legitimized Hindu faith itself.

Though the said affidavit was withdrawn after protests, it depicts the sad situation. Besides, perverse secularism has generated organizations like Indian Mujahideen and SIMI which want to establish Muslim rule in India.

Demographic invasion

Hindu civilization is a demographically challenged civilization.

Both Pakistan and Bangladesh (which used to be Hindu lands) have been declared as Islamic countries, and have driven out most of Hindus and Sikhs. However, most of Indian Muslims who had demanded Pakistan and exchange of population did not go to Pakistan. Rather, the present percentage of Muslim population in India is much higher than that in 1947.

Pakistan’s army which is ideologically anti-Hindu and anti-India actually rules Pakistan; and nurtures terrorism. In their bid to dismember and bleed India through “a thousand cuts”, Pakistan and Bangladesh have sent countless terrorists and crores of their nationals into India to plant more Pakistans and Bangladeshs on Indian soil.

Pak-Bangla combine wants to subjugate Hindu Bharat; and it is achieving through terrorist and demographic invasion what it could not achieve through its various wars with India. Pakistan based terrorist outfits like Lashkar-e-Taiba are quite open about their plan of capturing “Hindu India” for Islam.

Despite the Supreme Court’s judgements dated July 12, 2005 and December 5, 2006 to deport infiltrators, the government has done nothing in this regard though “demographic conquest” of any territory is the permanent civilizational conquest. Rather, Pak-Bangla nationals are infiltrating into India every day.

And instead of being deported, infiltrators are getting voting rights.

Foreign-funded conversions

If Pak-Bangla combine wants to Islamise India through terrorists and infiltrators, missionaries want to Christianise India through unlimited foreign funds.

On 7th November, 1999 in New Delhi, Pope John Paul II gave a call to convert Asia to Christianity as follows:-

“Just as the first millennium saw the Cross firmly planted in the soil of Europe, and the second in that of America and Africa, so may the Third Christian Millennium witness a great harvest of faith on this vast and vital continent.”

Hindus in India and Nepal are special targets for this ‘harvest of faith’. And in 2006, Maoists, missionaries and Pakistan’s ISI have divested Nepal of its Hindu identity.

Having conquered North-East India, many global missionary organisations are sending huge funds to NGOs in India for converting Hindus to Christianity through fraud and allurement.

And Joshua Project is a war-like project to invade and Christianise India. All over India, Churches are being built even in remote villages to Christianise the local populations.

Macaulay’s education

As per George Orwell, “The most effective way to destroy a people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Introduced in India in 1835 by Lord Macaulay (1800-1859), Macaulayan education had no place for Sanskrit, Hindu scriptures, Hindu heritage and Hindu history; and was devised to de-Hinduise Hindus as Macaulay’s following letter dated October 12, 1836 to his father shows:

“Our English schools are flourishing wonderfully…. The effect of this education on Hindus is prodigious. No Hindu who has received an English education ever remains sincerely attached to his religion. It is my firm belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respected classes 30 years hence. And this will be effected without our efforts to proselytize; I heartily rejoice in the prospect.”

Shockingly, even after independence in 1947, India has been following Macaulayan education. Accordingly, de-Hinduized by Macaulayan education, most of Hindus know nothing about Hindu religion, Hindu history or Hindu civilization; and are self- alienated, deracinated and indifferent to attacks being made on Hindu civilization.

Unilateral universalism

Unilateral universalism is not graciousness. It is plain stupidity.

And embracing unilateral noble thoughts despite relentless attacks is self-destructive.

The most dangerous falsity being propagated by many Hindu religious leaders is that all religions are the same and deserve same respect (sarva Dharma sam bhav). This unilateral and absurd declaration betrays ignorance about Hinduism; and also about other religions. This falsehood strengthens anti-Hindus, and facilitates fraudulent conversion of Hindus. Those claiming all religions to be the same are either ignorant or hypocrites.

Besides, unilateral Hindu slogans like vasudhaiv kutumbakam (entire world is one family) and ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanti (‘truth’ is one but has many names) also suppress danger from anti-Hindu forces which are bent upon finishing Hinduism. As a result, de-Hinduised by Macaulayan education and ignorant of basic tenets of various religions, many Hindus are proclaiming that they respect all religions, and are being converted and married to Non-Hindus.

Moreover, India has been following the policy of unilateral magnanimity, instead of the policy of ‘reciprocity’.

Since no Hindu temple can be built anywhere in Saudi Arabia, there is no reason to allow Saudi Arabia to fund the building of mosques and Madrassas in India.

Hindus’ hypnotic obsession with unilateral universalism and magnanimity is leading to gradual liquidation of their religion and civilization. It is frustrating to find Hindus so self-destructive as a community, though as individuals, they excel.

Only solution

Since sham ‘secularism’ and secular India have been a disaster, only Hindu Bharat can protect Hindus, Hindu Dharma, Hindu heritage, Hindu identity of Bharat and Hindu civilization. Accordingly, fake secular India must be transformed into a genuinely secular Hindu Bharat.

And this transformation can be attained only with the help of a nationalist main stream media and a strong nationalist political party. Accordingly, all nationalist individuals and social and religious organisations must create the nationalist main stream media, and a strong nationalist political party which will act as instruments to transform India into a Hindu Republic of Bharat by all peaceful, constitutional and lawful means.

A civilization can exist only when there is a nation to protect and nurture it. If Hindu civilization has to exist, Hindu Bharat has to exist.

Since Hinduism is all embracing, Hindu Bharat will give justice to all and appease none. In Hindu Bharat, there will be one law and one nation; no distinction of majority and minority, and no discrimination against any community. And all citizens in this Bharat will have equal rights. It will also dismantle fake-secularism, and liberate the nation from countless terrorists and Pak-Bangla infiltrators.

And Hindu Bharat will remember M.A. Jinnah’s ‘Two Nations’ theory expounded in Lahore in 1940, and will prevent the creation of more Pakistans and Bangladeshs on Bharat’s soil.

No one can object to the concept of Hindu Bharat when all the 57 Muslim majority countries are declared as Islamic countries.

Arnold Joseph Toynbee (1889-1975) had stated that “the only way of salvation is the ancient Hindu way; and that at the close of twentieth century, the world would be dominated by the West, but in the 21st century “India will conquer her conquerors.”

Let us ensure that Hindu civilization survives and prevails; and prove that Arnold Joseph Toynbee was right in his assertion that in the 21st century, “India will conquer her conquerors.”
By J.G. Arora
Organiser, New Delhi: July 10, 2011

Vande Mataram played on Shehnai and Tabla in Beating Retreat

Vande Mataram played on Shehnai and Tabla in Beating Retreat

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When The Lost Brothers Met – Shuddhi Report from Shahjahanpur


Shahjahanpur.23 Dec 2011: Morning was approaching. It was an ordinary morning of 23rd of December, 2011. Sun was desperate to grow bright and spread its rays on entire humanity as a part of its daily ritual. It was rising in its forever august manner with a mission to remove the Darkness and fulfill the world with Brightness.

People were gathering around chai-waalas. Women were sweeping the floors. School children were getting ready to go to their schools. Some were going for a walk; some were still lazy in their beds. Shahjahanpur and Life in Shahjahanpur is not different from its other siblings in Uttar Pradesh with the exception that it is the Honored birthplace of a Legendary freedom fighter and martyr Pandit Ramprasad Bismil – true Son of Mother India. Bust of this patriot stood neglected in a small park, encroached by one of our desi chai-waalah.

But was this 23rd of December, 2011 an ordinary day in the history of Shahjahanpur? Or the Divine power had other plans in place for the day to come. Later we would discover through the Locals that on the fateful Morning of 23rd December there was something DIVINE happening in the surroundings of the city.

The air was cold but filled with unknown warmth. The night was dark but waiting for light to enlighten the city. The usual morning chaos were present everywhere but things were surprisingly in order. Sad faces were visible but eyes of those sad faces were gleaming for unknown reason.

Many people [regardless of their faith and way of life] had dreams of the previous night about some angels with white wings circling the city and their houses.

The atmosphere was charged up. The Sun was in hurry to spread its wings to welcome the angels with white wings.


As it turned out, this 23rd of December, 2011 was destined to witness glad tidings of change. Shahjahanpur had been chosen by the Merciful God to be a blessed city. Messengers of change were sent by HIM and those messengers had entered this blessed city the previous night.

The very first rays of sun with affection kissed the forehead of these messengers of change aka Agniveers as they stood in the Arya Samaj Temple ready to perform the divine task after their meditation. Within a matter of minutes the messengers of change from Agniveer had beautified the Arya Samaj Temple with Agniveer Banner, which read- VISHAL SHUDDHI YAJNA.
Morning was cold. Some persons shivered while others dared the cold. Happily daring were more in number. It was a “festival mood” in Shahjahanpur. After a while the messengers from Agniveer could hear the chants of Gayatri Mantra coming from all directions at regular intervals. Soon those voices kept coming near and near. The messengers were pleased to see that these rejoiced voices were of those blessed souls who had come with a soul purpose of leaving the darkness behind and walk towards enlightenment. These blessed souls kept repeating “Tamso Ma Jyotrigamay”.

These blessed people were chosen to be the first among countless souls who would later on embrace Vedic Dharma. Arya Samaj Temple was the place chosen to perform this VEDIC SHUDDHI YAJNA. Vehicles filled with people of all ages, Male, Female and children started to arrive. These 250 families had come for ‘SHUDDHI EVENT’ to embrace a life style which would transform their lives forever. About 1200 persons had come to sow the seed of Humanity, brotherhood and Godly love in their hearts. These blessed souls had come to convey the message of Vedas “Peace Be Upon All and Hate None”.

The VISHAL SHUDDHI YAJNA started with seeking blessings of the God by reciting the most beautiful ‘Gayatri Mantra”. When these people started reciting Gayatri Mantra it could be heard by people in far places in the city.

Recitation of Gayatri Mantra by around 1,300 people had created such a magnetic impact which could be felt for days to come in the Arya Samaj Temple at Shahjehanpur. After then these blessed souls sat around holy fire [AGNI] on the altar and offered their prayers.

Captivating and charming sound of ‘Aum Swaha- Aum Swaha’ filled the atmosphere. These people were away from enlightenment for centuries and they did not know to recite the Vedic Mantra’s but the voice of “Aum Swaha” could be heard from miles away.

The messengers of change aka Agniveers also witnessed one more pleasant scene. These people had taken a vow to recite “Gayatri Mantra” in the morning an evening till they learn do proper “Sandhya” (a powerful meditation method for success).

Participants were so overwhelmed with the entire sequence of events that they formed small groups and started reciting “Gayatri Mantra” to each other so that they can keep this gift of God close to their hearts. It appeared that everything was happening with some kind of Divine Inspiration. We will never be able to forget those moments.

Messenger of change from Agniveer were treated by these participants like angels. Countless people had dreamt of angels with white wings encircling the city and their houses previous night and the next morning they were meeting the Agniveers in white clothes. This was enough for the people to realize that everything that was happening was a Divine wish. Whenever these small groups had difficulty is reciting the “Gayatri Mantra” or they had any other doubt they would call Agniveers.

It would be grossly unfair to the emotions of the participants if this specific incident remained to be mentioned here. Out of 1,200 participants there were around 400-500 of our sisters and mothers. When our sisters met the Messengers of Change and found that the angels with white wings were none other than Agniveers, the bond was immediately established between souls of brothers and sisters.

A small girl who told her name as Maimuna [ for life now “Manisha”] asked the Agniveers if she could tie Rakhi to Agniveers since she did not have brothers. Agniveers offered their hands but there was no Rakhi to tie. But these minor difficulties could not come in the way of relation of brothers and sisters which was established by God. The sacred thread [JANEU] was treated as Rakhi. All the eyes were wet with tears.

After seeing this some old ladies started to cry with happiness. “Rakshabandhan” was celebrated on 23rd December, 2011 in Shehjehanpur.

Afterwords, Manisha [formerly known as Maimuna] told that her mother had died while giving birth to 6th girl child. When Agniveers met Manisha’s father Shri Narsingh Thakur [formerly known as Noorjahan Teli] he told that his wife Khurshida was not in favor of another child but the local Maulvi had told him that children are gift of Allah and it was obligatory upon every Muslim to produce as many children as they can. He informed us that Maulvi of his village had told him that Shri Narsingh Thakur will go to heaven since his three children had died while they had not attained puberty.

On being asked “why this Yajna”, another sister Vedika Singh Thakur [Formerly known as Nagma Sheikh] could not contain her emotions and shared her joy and happiness with everyone in these words -“This is not a ritual. This is my freedom from shackles of baseless tradition. In Islam I was always forced to hide myself behind Burqua. I was never considered equal to my male counterparts. Now I am free. I am equal to others. I feel liberated from “dakiyanoosi” thinking of earlier faith.”

Another brother Gyan Swarup Sharma [formerly known as Mohammed Giyasusudin ] expressed his happiness in these words “we have done away with our ignorance. We want to have true knowledge. Only this Vedic culture makes us rational and reasonable as it has its very foundation on reason. This is the most rational philosophy in the world”. Number of people, number of views but amazingly all were submerged in humanity and love.

People wore sacred threads and took pledge that they would live a pure and noble life with peace and harmony, hate ignorance as a devil and educate their children at any cost. They will worship the True Vedic God, and not so called Gods of Mohammedans/Christians or any other God. They swore to not to tolerate any agent between them & their Almighty father.

All these blessed people promised in front of sacred fire [AGNI] that all those evil shameful practices of insulting woman- best creation of Supreme Lord, which were being observed by them due to their wrong belief, ignorance and social compulsion, i e. Triple Talaq, Polygamy, Unequal rights of women in marriage, Nikah Halala, be immediately stopped and they will follow the message of Vedic God. They would respect women and won’t treat them as Half-Intelligent.

Another brother Yashpal Chauhan [ formerly known as Mohammed Yusuf khan] a resident of nearby village told the Agniveers that he had never before experienced such bliss in his life. He added “I was wandering in vain. Now I know my destination”.

Another brother Shivam Singh Chaudhary [ formerly knows as Mohammed Sadiq Ali] said “This is the religion of our ancestors who were converted by force. I have left that implied religion where I had no dignity. I am feeling like I have come to my home NOW”.

Another brother Shushil Kumar Dubey [formerly known as Suhail Khan] was too eager to speak to the messengers of change from Agniveer. He said “I have returned to my home. Home coming is always best. It cannot be described in words. At home there is your Mother and your well-wishers. Agniveer is our well-wisher”.

It was clear that people have got a glimpse of ‘light of truth’ now. They were determined to shun darkness and ignorance at any cost. Rays of sun and holy fire [AGNI] had given them much needed inner power and strength. This was because of joy of their heart.

After the SHUDDHI YAJNA these blessed people shared their pains and sufferings with Agniveers. Everyone had few common things to share. Their previous faith had told them that easiest way to go to Jannat / Heaven was to produce more and more children irrespective of the fact that:

a] Females were physically incapable to produce more children,

b] Parents were not able to afford even basic education of the newborn childrens;

c] Family were not financially sound to give decent life to the newborn babies.

Now, since they were out of ignorance they had realized that no one can get Jannat / heaven by producing unlimited children but heaven could be achieved only by rightful actions and noble deeds.

Messengers of Change were moved by their conditions and Agniveers announced academic scholarships and medical aid to all the children in purified families up to senior secondary schooling. Agniveers made these promises inspite of knowing their financial constraints and large expenses required for this project.

But that’s where Agniveers stand apart from the crowd.

Agniveers believe that these people had come to Vedic Dharma by Divine inspiration. Agniveers will find in its mission of selfless service righteous people of Vedic Dharma who will feel the pain of our brothers and sisters in need and open their hearts and houses for these brothers and sisters.

This was a real home coming; Coming back to Vedas, Coming back to our roots. Coming to a place where all are equal in eyes of Almighty without Bias, where everybody strives to be Noble, to enjoy eternal bliss, to attain ‘Moksha’. This home never says “believe blindly” but always stresses on “know first and only then believe”. This was a tight slap on face of dividing Trinity / Oil powers trying to divide Bharat / India in the name of man-made religions and faiths.

It is apparent that Messengers of Change aka Agniveers will do a solid work on this front which is deliberately neglected by our policy makers. When we asked the event coordinator of Agniveers about this event they replied with a smile “This is just a beginning and nothing more than trailer of the movie and tip of the Iceberg. Agniveer team is going to organize 786 such events within a year at various places across Bharat / India. Just wait and watch”.

Yeah, we shall watch and see the charisma of Agniveer. Hope is still breathing. Dream of Bharat is alive.

Vande Mataram. Lets Make the Whole World Noble. God is One.

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Dastardly attack with black ink on Swami Ramdevji in Delhi

Dastardly attack with black ink on Swami Ramdevji in Delhi

Definition of Inculturation

Inculturation, as propounded by the Vatican Council II Documents 1, is the plan of Christians being within the folds of culture, tradition and heritage of any people, posing as faithful devotees and declare the "hidden Christ" at right moment, so that they (dubbed as heathens,Infidels & unbelievers) would become "Christians". Till such time, they have to adapt and adopt their culture and related customs, practices and manners. They even build Temple-like Churches, use Hindu symbols and paraphernalia extensively and the Christian priests roam as Hindu Sanyasis and Sadhus.

By the Vatican Directive Prot. N. 802/69 dated April 25, 1969, Twelve Points of Inculturation were permitted in India. So far, the "Inculturation" activities carried out by the Christian missionaries among the Saivites have been the topics discussed in selected and published books also. The author has come across a Jesuit, who has been carrying out his activities among the Srivaishnavas for around 30 years. He is Professor FX. Clooney from Harvard University's Divinity department, following the steps of Roberto de Nobili .

It is well known as to how Roberto de Nobili, a Jesuit came from Italy claiming as a "Roman Brahmin", donned ochre robes, learned Indian languages, forged "Yasur Veda", was tried by the Ecclesiastical Court and finally died in Chennai itself without any news.

In 2000, after the Pope’s condemnation of practice of Yoga and other Eastern Meditation methods by the Catholic priests and others, some Christians have also started criticizing the Inculturation programmes.

However, the ongoing activities by the Inculturation and Inter-religious / Faith groups / programs clearly prove that they are pursued vigorously with the same old plans. Though, Fr. Bede Griffiths has not openly recorded in his writings, Jesuits like Ignatitius Hrudhayam, Francis X. Clooney, Anand Amaladas and others have revealed that they follow Roberto de Nobili as their role model. (A Robert De Nobili was set up in the precincts of the famous Loyola College,Chennai). Thus, the succeeding Jesuits in India have taken his method of "Inculturation" as a "role model" overtly and covertly. The mushrooming Catholic Ashrams and increasing ochre rob clad Christian priests and preachers amply prove their game-plan.Gullible Hindus & Even more Gullible Hindu Swamis are found often helping Christians in their Inculturation directly and indirectly,knowingly or unknowingly. They simply think that these Christians want to know Hinduism and they are happy that the white skinned foreigners too want to follow their religious practices.

Divide and rule

An example of Academic Iron Curtain Dr. Bettina Baumer, a German is based in Varanasi. She is well versed in Sanskrit. She has studied Kashmir Saivism also. She has ingratiated herself with Hindu Scriptures. About 18 year ago (1991), she arranged a conference in Dehradun. Selected Scholars about twenty in number participated in this closed conference which lasted six days. The theme of the conference was "Mysticism in Christianity and Saivism". The Director of the International Institute of Saiva Siddhantham Research located at Dharmapuram (Tamilnadu), presented a paper on Saivite Mysticism. It was well received. Years later eventually Dr.Betina Baumer, brought in a book form the papers presented. However the paper on Saivite Mysticism did not find a place in the Printed book. When confronted, by the Director of IISSRC, Dharmapuram, She told him that English was so rich, and high, that even Englishmen,were unable to follow it. However the reason given for omission of this paper was, that the paper on Saivite Mysticism, was not received in time. The fact is that the paper was handed over well on the very day, after it was presented and discussed. It was also the best paper,
and appreciated by the participants, When confronted with this fact, she only said "I am really sorry." When elegant papers on Hinduism are presented, Christians in Hindu garb never fail to draw , an iron curtain over them.

Misguided Sri Vaishnavas helped Father FX Clooney The Vatican sees India as the last bastion of the sacred, and hence seeks to infuse that spirit into Christianity in the West. Harvard Professor FX Clooney says, he wants to infuse the inspiration that he has derived from Nammalvar"s "Thiruvaimozhi" into Christianity.
Western values are derived from adventurism, pop music, evangelizations, sports, commerce, politics, technology and humanism; a fact which our policy makers should take note of. Inculturation derived its inspiration from such frontier spirit.

Thomas Paine (1737- 1809) wrote:

"Everything in the Old Testament is perverted and distorted into meanings never intended by the writers. The practice which the writers of the books employ is not more false than it is absurd. They state some trifling case of the person they call Jesus Christ, and then cut out a sentence from some passage of the OT and call it a prophecy of that case. But when the words thus cut out are restored to the places they are taken from, and read with the words before and after them, they give the lie to the New Testament."

Robert L. Johnson wrote in "The Bible’s Ungodly Origins".

"Many rank and file Christians sincerely believe the Bible is a direct communication from God to man. I know I used to believe it was when I was a Christian. And from recent conversations with many sincere Christians I know this is currently true for many believers. Once it is proven to our God-given reason that the Bible is strictly a man-made collection of mythology the mind loses yet another shackle of "revelation" and is soon on its way to full freedom and progress.


The Bible was not handed to mankind by God, nor was it dictated to human stenographers by God. It has nothing to do with God. In actuality, the Bible was VOTED to be the word of God by a group of men during the 4th century. "


Thomas Paine (1737- 1809) in his work titled The Age of Reason noted that the very basis upon which Christianity was raised, on "flawed methodologies," For example the taking of alleged Old Testament prophecies and claiming that they referred to Christ who was born some 700 to 500 years after they had been uttered by the Hebrew prophets.

H.G. Wells

H.G Wells in the world famous, The Outline of History, Vol. I, pages 462-463, wrote: "It (the Council of Nicaea) marks the definite entry upon the stage of human affairs of the Christian Church and of Christianity as it is generally understood in the world to-day. It marks the exact definition of Christian teaching by the Nicene Creed."

Constantine ordered and financed 50 parchment copies of the new "holy scriptures". It seems with the financial element added to the picture, the Church fathers were able to overcome their differences and finally agree which "holy" books would stay and which would go and following its true tradition theIndian Bible has been written with over one hundred quotations from Hindu scriptures incorporated.
Late major Vedantam, who pioneered the investigation of Christian missionaries in India over thirty years ago, wrote:"Theo centric and theocratic eclectics are dangerous as nuclear, chemical and other warheads. The concept of "My God is your God, but your God is No God" does not foster understanding, co-operation and goodwill." The concept should be changed to "Your God is my God and my God is your God" and accepted by all religions. According to Professor John Crossan of Biblical Studies at DePaul University, USA.

"The Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (274-337 CE), who was the first Roman Emperor to convert to Christianity, needed a single canon to be agreed upon by the Christian leaders to help him unify the remains of the Roman Empire. Until this time the various Christian leaders could not decide which books would be considered "holy" and thus "the word of God" and which ones would be excluded and not considered the word of God.

"Emperor Constantine, who was Roman Emperor from 306 CE until his death in 337 CE, used what motivates many to action - MONEY! He offered the various Church leaders money to agree upon a single canon that would be used by all Christians as the word of God. The Church leaders gathered together at the Council of Nicaea and voted the "word of God" into existence. (I wish to thank Brian Show for pointing out in his rebuttal to this article that the final version of the Christian Bible was not voted on at the Council of Nicaea, per se. The Church leaders didn"t finish editing the "holy" scriptures until the Council of Trent when the Catholic Church pronounced the Canon closed.

However, it seems the real approving editor of the Bible was not God but Constantine! and the Holy Bible has been once again tampered with, in 2008 Edition - only this time with additions from Hindu Scriptures.


Why would Christian Church copy Hindu Scriptures?
The answer is here. "Such, indeed, is the exuberance and flexibility of this language (Sanskrit) and its power of compounding words, and when it has been, so to speak, baptized, and thoroughly, penetrated with the spirit of Christianity, it will probably be found, next to Hebrew and Greek, the most expressive vehicle of Christian Truth." - M. Monier - Williams (1861:54)

When we hear that at least a hundred quotation from Vedas, Yogasutra and Upanishads have been incorporated into the Indian Bible published in 2008. We are worried. We are also shocked when we hear the cross behind the Jesus has been removed about which a leading archaeologist commented "this is tribanga pose of Sri Krishna and also resembles the Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in ecstacy". The pain and trauma in face of Jesus has been erased and to be replaced with the picture of Joy found in Krishna, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu or Nataraja.. The transformation is not yet complete, and the words "he is dancing with joy has been interpolated in the adjacent page".
Hindu musical instruments used in religious Bhajans like Tambura is on the right side , Tabla is on the left side and a violin is on the upper left, dangles in the air, and there are twinkling stars all around in the space. A pair of cymbals (jalra) is found at the Right foot of Jesus. He has been adorned with a long Yahnopavitham, which extends up to the left ankle, instead of the traditional one that stops at the waist. We Hindus are legitimately worried at the blatant plagiarism.


Whenever we hear the name "Golden Temple", we tend to think of the beautiful Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar. There is another Golden Temple in South India - the great Nataraja temple at Chidambaram in Tamilnadu that is associated with the cosmic dance of Nataraja. These are sacred cultural and religious symbols of Bharat and of great importance and immense sacrifices have been made by both Sikhs and Hindus respectively to save and protect their holy symbols and sacred places.
Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai, an Institution established for promoting Hindu Dance forms, is used for inculturation by its Jew-Christian Director. She has removed the Nataraja and Ganesh statues from its premises, which is certainly a matter of concern for Hindus (Hindu Voice, Sept. 2007).


The classic Bharat Natyam cannot be serrated from Hinduism by Vatican ideologues in India, as they have found it a useful tool of evangelizations.
"(Christian) inculturation is cultural plagiarism (and) cultural vandalism, with the idea of ultimate conquest says " Swami Devananda .He says "We must be beware of Christians with their flattery and money, taking over our sacred art forms such as Bharathanatyam, even as they did to those of ancient Greece and Rome, and calling them their own".


Drawing from his four decades of dealing with Christian Missionaries, he gave this ominous warning to Hindus "Christianity is a parasitical religion, which attaches itself to a host culture and feeds off it, absorbing its spirit and lifeblood into itself until the host culture dies and become Christian." This was articulated by Art of Living fame Sri Sri Ravishankarji "How can you separate Bharata Natyam & Hinduism?" and again echoed by Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswathy,
"Dance is Sacred, You cannot think of Dance without Nataraja", and now Hindus have the double duty to defend their fellow religious people and also their texts from poachers. (Hindu Voice, Sept. 2007).


"To understand the Hindu Concept of Cosmic Nataraja we have to understand the Hindu Concept of dance itself. When it comes to Natya the greatest inimitable exponent, Balasaraswathy had stated that Bharat Natyam is nothing but "Natya yoga". Bharat Natya originated with Tapas and Nataraja himself is the supreme teacher of Natya and codified by Bharatha Muni in his Natya Sastra. Bharat Natya is the Supreme cultural Symbol of Perfection in dance form.


When the most revered cultural symbol of Sikhs was threatened as happened some months ago when the blue attire of their most revered Guru Govind Singh was copied by Dera Sacha Sauda founder Baba Ram Rahim, the entire Sikh community of Punjab and Haryana were outraged.
They came to streets, and the two states came to a stand still. it was a war like situation. This incident was an eye-opener, as to what the consequences will be if religious sacred religious symbols and traditions of one section of the population are misappropriated illegitimately.


In the absence of any law whatsoever in India to protect the original indigenous Cultures, heritage and knowledge- the entire gamut of Hindu is under threat of unholy poachers. Its heritage and dominant concepts and Ideas, Icons, Scriptural lore and Philosophical heritage. It is well known that Basmati, Neem, Turmeric, Yoga and Bharat Natyam have has now become endangered, and now it is the very Vedas, Yoga Sutras, having been plagiarized and hence the crying need to enact strict legislations.


Food Items like Basmati, Neem and Turmeric have since been protected after stiff legal battles in international courts. Now it is the turn for the other rich symbols of Hindus, Buddhist, Sikh and Jaina literature in books, sacred objects, icons, temples, sacred forests, mountains, caves, rivers, religious spaces like bathing ghats, sacred trees , groves, passages, ashrams, mutts, properties, lands endowed to them, unique customs, leadership , sampradhayams, follower ship, rituals, practices, worship methods, mantras, tantras, yantras, associated with these traditions, padarthas, aushadas, pathways, places, religious, cultural icons, art, architecture, music, dance, folk art, instruments, dress, jewellery, festivals, methods, stories and organizations, sanctity, even food and gastronomic effects, need urgent documentation and immediate protection from our authorities. We need acts like intellectual property rights , and copy right provisions must be extended for Cultural objects and the Religious knowledge and Religious space of Hindus must be protected as holy sanctuaries; but before that Hindus have to be sensitized for the great work that lies before them.
By Mohan Gupta

Inter-faith Dialogue: What’s in it for Hindus?

Christianity being a millenarian ideology aims at world dominion, at least since the time it established its headquarters in Rome in the early centuries after Christ. Former Canadian Protestant and now a Smarta Dashnami sanyasi, Swami Devananda Saraswati alias Ishwar Sharan, perceptively deems it to be a continuation of the Roman Empire under another name. Not too long ago, late Pope John Paul II asserted that the current mission of the Church was to spread Christianity in Asia in the third millennium, having conquered Europe in the first millennium and the Americas in the second.

With Australia already a White Christian majority continent, and Africa largely converted and badly brutalized, and the entire Muslim world under the White Man’s heel, India remains one of the few major civilisational hurdles left to conquer. It is no coincidence that India is a necessary staging post for any military action against China and Russia!

It follows that Hindus in India will be making a grievous mistake if they buy into a motivated propaganda that the Church is not interested in converting the Hindu pagans and harvesting their souls, and rather cares for a genuine inter-faith dialogue in order to understand the Hindu dharmic spectrum better. Nothing could be further from the truth. What is undeniable is that as much of South East Asia has been christianised, India alone among major nations remains largely unconverted, and her living civilisation poses a constant challenge to the descendants of St. Peter.

India has hitherto withstood the missionary assault because of the devotion of the ordinary citizen, especially the denizens of villages and tribal hamlets, to their ancestral faith as represented by the grama devatas, kula devatas and sthana devatas who form a protective shield around their devotees and save them from harm. Then, there are the great gods in the larger temples and peeths and pilgrimages which gird the whole country in a protective grid, along with the spiritual strength and leadership of the traditional acharyas, gurus, mathams, and so on.

But the danger is by no means over and may be said to have increased in the light of new invasive techniques constantly put out by the church, massive funding by western Christian nations using conversions to control the populations in former colonies, and the recruitment of willing accomplices from the target nations and societies in order to make inroads therein.

There is also, thanks to the complicity of the secular state, much missionary-driven violence in remote tribal areas, such as the north eastern and eastern India (an issue we shall not dwell upon in this article).

The church has always moved in a planned manner. In 1539, the Society of Jesus was set up by St. Ignatius of Loyola to establish Catholicism all over the world, by any means. Hindu India suffered the Goa Inquisition (1560) under the auspices of St. Francis Xavier. The latter was a founding member of the Jesuit order and initiator of the Inquisition in 1545. Italian Jesuit priest Roberto di Nobili, the first Jesuit to come to India, arrived in Goa in 1605 and then settled down in Tamil Nadu in 1606. He claimed to be a scholar of Tamil and openly raged against Hindu paganism.

In recent years, the Vatican has sent the high-ranking Cardinal Jean Louis Pierre Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, to India to engage with various Hindu religious leaders and sectarian denominations. The idea, of course, is to find the chinks in the Hindu armour and pierce the Hindu resistance to conversions (see articles by Thamizhchelvan, links below).

On the intellectual plane, contemporary Jesuits are attempting to woo the Hindu elite in India and those of western nationality, as part of a refinement of strategy. Their favourite method today is a process known as Inculturation (see Thamizhchelvan), which is really the innovation of Roberto di Nobili; it involves borrowing native cultural habits and practices and insinuating oneself into the local culture, with the ultimate aim of swallowing it whole at a future date. As an example, di Nobili would wear saffron robes instead of white and use Hindu words to describe Christian rituals, etc.

But the cutting edge of missionary activity today is the Hindu-Christian dialogue. This is essentially just a variant of Interreligious Dialogue, but its purpose is inexplicable from the Hindu point of view. (The word Hindu is being used as a generic term for native-born faiths such as Jain and Sikh dharma).

An important corollary of this exchange is the remarkably high standard of scholarship that Jesuits maintain in their own faith as also in rival traditions. This is precisely what makes the dialogue extremely unequal and unproductive for Hindus as the leaders who participate in the exchanges may have a mastery over their own religious texts, but completely lack an understanding of the Church as a political entity with a political agenda. Hence they are unable to proffer arguments regarding the illegitimacy of conversions and world dominion by a single faith. They are also innocent of the synergy between the Vatican-Protestant Churches and the Western Christian neo-colonial agenda unravelling in many parts of the globe today.

Rev. Francis Xavier Clooney, currently professor at the Harvard Divinity School, is a highly accomplished Jesuit scholar of comparative religion; he has successfully disarmed a number of Hindus in India and America with his knowledge of Tamil and the bhakti tradition of Tamil Hindus. Of course, his priority is the conversion of pagan Hindus to Catholicism. To this end, he has steeped himself in the process of inculturation and drawn many intellectual Hindus into his interfaith orbit.

Speaking to a small audience at the premises of an American university late last year, Dr. Clooney displayed considerable intellectual finesse, stating that in the past Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Swami Vivekananda had attempted a critical look at the West from a Hindu perspective, but post-colonial authors like Ram Swarup and Sita Ram Goyal had politicized the Hindu Christian relationship. In other words, he skillfully denigrated authentic Hindu scholars who made resistance to Christian conversions the keynote of their scholarship! His (Hindu) audience did not demur.

In essence, Dr Clooney was asserting the ‘right’ to validate or delegitimize Hindu scholars who critiqued the Church – he approved those who posed no threat and sought cooption into the West-dominated world order, and demonized those whose intellectual armour was more acute. By inference he claimed the right to undermine Hindu nationalism on Hindu bhumi and among Hindus who are now the citizens of western countries, mainly America. That this critical point went uncontested – perhaps was not even understood – by his co-panelists and audience underlines the writer’s contention that Hindus have no intellectual, political or strategic advantage to derive from inter-faith dialogue, and need not engage in it.

Dr. Vijaya Rajiva, a political philosopher who has taught at a Canadian university, believes that there is no merit in dialogue that does not have the ultimate goal of vanquishing the opponent. The ancient Hindu intellectual / spiritual tool of purva paksha, for instance, involves a rigorous and unflinching critique the opponent, and was used by Adi Sankara to defeat, and not to accommodate, the enemy. This is a three-fold process, Dr Rajiva says, wherein the philosopher outlines the adversary’s position; strongly refutes the adversary’s position; and finally, states his own position.

Adi Sankara’s digvijaya tour of India, she points out, repudiated the Mimamsa School and Buddhism, and led to the creation of Advaita Vedanta; it ensured the survival and continuation of Hinduism in India.

Contemporary Hindu scholars possibly lack this skill, and the traditional acharyas do not utilize their knowledge to teach bhaktas how to decimate the enemies of the Hindu tradition. The globe-trotting sanyasis with White disciples are unduly accommodating of Christianity, beginning with the famous Yogananda Paramhans; they are also uncommonly harsh with Hindus who complain of the dangers of conversion and even malign them in various forums, as the writer has personally experienced.

Modern Hindus with foreign nationality are doubtless influenced by the compulsions of living on non-natal soils; they seek to accommodate the ‘enemy’ tradition as they need its indulgence to retain whatever they can of their natal faith and culture. Inevitably they experience a cultural swamping, and as the ground slips away under their feet, they respond with concessions and compromises, and an ephemeral search for a ‘middle ground’ between the utterly alien faiths.

And in order to cover their shame, they use bluster to insist that there is an entity called a Global Hindu Community which they represent and which gives them the right to speak for and adjudicate on behalf of Hindus all over the world, specifically the dharmabhumi of Bharat. This writer and colleague Radha Rajan have vigorously rebutted such pretensions over the years.

The Global (read American) Hindus of Indian origin are clever enough to understand that they, and their globe-trotting sanyasi patrons / fellow travellers, are providing savvy Christians with the opportunity to penetrate Hindu society in India and pervert its institutions. But they are too intoxicated by the limelight to retreat. We may leave them to their distractions, as anything they do cannot influence Hindu tradition within India.

Our fight is to ensure the scuttling of further Christian-Hindu / Jain / Sikh dialogue that serves no native interest and can only end in Hindu disempowerment. Christians like Reverend Clooney are driven by the mission to convert the world, especially a resisting pagan civilisation like India’s. Hindus have no worldwide spiritual-cum-political mission of conquest and must remain focused on resisting missionary activity. Hindus have no reason to engage in inter-faith dialogue, which is a futile and destructive activity from their point of view.


Highlighting the fact that India remains high on the Papal Millennium Agenda, Pope Benedict XVI recently appointed Major Archbishop George Alencherry, head of the Syro Malabar Church in Kerala, as one of the Vatican’s 22 new Cardinals. He is the 11th Indian and fourth Syro Malabar prelate to become a Cardinal; the investiture will take place on Feb 18 in Rome.
By Sandhya Jain


Is some political party or India-baiter criminal element trying to provoke a communal riot? Is any neighbouring country doubling up its half hearted effort to create communal tension between Hindus and Mohammedans to gain some political mileage? In view of the ensuing elections in five States in February 2012 and declaration of results in early March 12, the political stakes are high. Anything may happen anytime. All patriotic citizens have to be alert and nip the communal trouble in the bud. The evidence available with the Delhi Police about the reprehensible act of ink-throwing on a Sanyasi who is a venerable Yoga Guru does not point the needle of suspicion to any organised crime syndicate or any political party that has stakes in the elections in five States next month.


The incident of black ink attack on the venerable Yoga Rishi, Swami Ramdev Maharaj deserves condemnation by all sane persons. The man who did this reprehensible act is named Kamran Siddiqi, a Muslim from the Jamia Nagar area where the Batla firing and Killing of Islamist terrorists had taken place in 2008. At that time two terrorists of the Indian Mujahideen and police inspector Sharma were killed in action. The residents of Jamia Nagar have been crying from roof tops that the police encounter was a fake one.

The mad man from Madhya Pradesh has been extending unqualified support to the Jamia Nagar residents. That gentleman, if he can be addressed as such, even took the trouble of going to Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh to express condolences to the families of the slain terrorists. No wonder the whole world castigates the Indian administration for going soft on Islamist terrorists. One wing condemns terrorism and the other wing expresses regrets forkilling terrorists. If the Govt of India keeps on projecting a pro-terror attitude like the one described heretofore, the day is not far off when all terrorists of different shades unite and choose that mad gentleman as their Leader. Naturally, he will be addressed as the Shadow Prime Minister.

In a number of street demonstrations staged by that mad man from Bhopal, speaker after speaker and Muslim Separatist leaders, who find solace in their make-believe citizenship of Pakistan after relinquishing that of Bharat, have castigated the govt of India for this staged encounter at the Batla House, as they call it. Swami Ramdev Ji had mentioned the Batla House terror incident and also the issue of black money of Indians stashed in foreign banks and the dual issues made kamran Siddiqi hopping mad to the extent of indulging in assault by throwing violently black ink on the serene face of Swami Ramdev Maharaj. It goes to the credit of the Yoga Rishi that he sat unmoved, kept a cheerful mien and advised his followers not to indulge into violent protest and not to harm the man who committed a criminal act. Some residents of the Jamia Nagar have spoken against Kamran Siddiqi’s presence in the area as a social nuisance. One local leader went out of the way to explain that Siddiqui does not represent the Muslim community of the area. He took pains to explain that Swami Ramdev Ji is a RESPECTABLE ASCETIC OF OUR COUNTRY AND THE residents OF Jamia Nagar hold him in high esteem. It, however, has yet to be substantiated and the Law will take its own course.

Swami Ramdev Ji sat unperturbed and after the hula-buloo had subsided, he said aloud that he had pardoned the perpetrator of crime. The Yoga Rishi affirmed that there was no personal enmity between the criminal and the victim and the victim did not wish to proceed with the case legally any further.
Reportedly, Kamran Siddiqi had acid too on his person and that could be used against the Yoga Rishi by him. Why did he not use acid, that question demands an answer.

The Delhi Police Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Shri Kuruvilla and his team are interrogating the accused and going into depth about the Motive of the crime. The Police has not issued any statement on this aspect so far. Motive of the criminal is possibly the most important factor that all concerned would like to ascertain, establish and proceed further accordingly.
Anyway, the case is not as simple as it appears to be. There may be some political game plan behind the attack. Let us wait and see.
By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

Friday, January 13, 2012


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
The philosopher poet who conceived of an Islamic State in British India and coined the word, Pakistan must be turning restlessly in his grave at the entrance gate of the Mughal mosque in Lahore. He was none other than Mohd. Iqbal, the nationalist poet who gave India the evergreen song, Sare Jahan se Achcha Hindostan Hamara. A turncoat later, he was out and out a Muslim communalist but that is another story. Right now I am recalling him in connection with his hobby horse, a homeland for the Indian Muslims, Pakistan that is in turmoil. The crux of the matter is: who will rule Pakistan now and hereafter.
The founding father of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah, a non-conformist Muslim who loved to eat pork and drink wine, was a votary of Pakistan as a democratic State. He, however, never had a chance to implement his ideas because cancer took its toll and Jinnah’s dead body ay buried in Karachi. The sundry politicians misruled and mismanaged the El Dorado of Islam, the largest Muslim State in the world that Pakistan became a fiefdom of the Army Generals. The top brass of the Navy and the Air Force, still fledgling services, had little choice but to toe the Army’s line. The story was repeated time and again. The average Pakistanis got so used to seeing the Khaki of the army on the road day and night that their presence in the barracks made news.
The professionalism of the Army took a beating because right from the under training cadets at the academy in Kakul to induction into their respective regiments and going through career courses, young officers always had issues pertaining to running the country uppermost on their minds The professional pamphlets on running the operations of war always took a back seat. Consequently Pakistan army lost the three major wars and the Kargil conflict that it fought against India.
The Pakistan Army remained supreme at home and in running state organisations where large amounts of money went into their personal pockets. The Pakistan army officers got so used to be at the helm of affairs in the civil administration that in the heart of hearts they detested administering army units and looking after welfare of their troops. The standing and image of the Army officers took a beating in the eye of Pakistani citizens The Pakistani generals lost more credibility when it was discovered that they had harboured hard core Islamist terrorists and their leaders like Osama bin-Laden.
Pakistan Army also stands exposed as an ungrateful outfit. It bites the hand that feeds it. The US govt gave Pakistan a lot of money and the weapon system and yet the Pakistanis were so deceitful that they planned to have the American soldiers killed by the Taliban terrorists. No less a person than General Pervez Ashfaq Kayani, Paki Army Chief was involved in this anti-American conspiracy. His voice was recorded by the Indian Intelligence Agencies when he spoke to General Musharraf stating that the Pakistan Army would never kill Islamist terrorists but use them to protect flanks in a war with India.
Admiral Mike Mullen, erstwhile Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff had gone on record branding General Kayani as a liar. Pakistan is an untrustworthy ally and the world has realised it except the Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who gave the paki PM a certificate as “Man of Peace.”Meek Manmohan is abetting his own country to commit Harakiri. Disgraceful show indeed!
President Asif Zardari is in Dubai attending the wedding of a friend’s son. Isn’t it surprising that the Army is reportedly planning a coup and return to power but the President is away attending a wedding ceremony in the Middle-East? An experienced analyst of Pakistan affairs is of the opinion that the wedding is a facade and President Zardari is canvassing for support for his civilian rule and building pressure on his own army to desist from a coup. Reportedly Zardari is returning within 24 hours as something is cooking in the Rawalpindi cantonment where the General Headquarters of the Army is located. The Civil government of Zardari and Gilani of the PPP does not want to be caught with its pants down. What will late Zulfiqar Bhutto and his daughter, late Benazir Bhutto think of the diplomatic calibre of their successors in power?
In any case late Zulfiqar Bhutto had been arrested by General Zia in a bloodless coup one fine morning long ago and was hanged till death by his own chosen Army Chief, Zia. That explains why no one trusts on one in Pakistan in the tradition of Aurangzeb of the Mughal dynasty of Agra-Delhi. Afterall, it was General Ayub Khan, a friend of the Indian Army Chief, General Cariappa who had removed his brother officer, Maj Gen Iskander Mirza in a bloodless coup and assumed power as the Chief Martial aw Administrator. Old Ayub ran the show for about a decade when his own junior officer General Yahya Khan replaced him in a coup. When General Yahya Khan lost the war against “That Woman”( Indira Gandhi) in 1971 and India dismembered Pakistan, it was the turn of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to assume power in what was left of the original country named Pakistan. Thus the coup and the counter coup are a part of the Paki tradition. Of course, that is nothing to be proud of.
A patriotic Pakistani citizen feels ashamed of the fact that their own Army has been disloyal to the country and the constitution and overthrown the lawfully elected government time and again. Indeed no citizen shed tears for the overthrown politicians because they were as corrupt as corrupt could be. They have their villas and big bank balances in secret accounts in foreign banks to hold them in good stead on a rainy day.
Is the Pakistan Army now not the same as it used to be in their good old days? The political system in Pakistan is in disarray at this point of time. The external debt is mounting. America that used to run the administration of Pakistan is now not on their side. It stands cheated and has almost abandoned Pakistan.
China, a major player in the area and a benefactor of Pakistan right from giving them the Nuclear device to building ports and bridges or providing relief in earthquake hit areas has stakes in Pakistan’s stability. China has declared from housetops that Pakistan is their all-weather friend and that China will be with Pakistan through thick and thin. Above all it is Pakistan that keeps India engaged militarily and does not let it compete with China with single minded attention. Pakistan is a strategic asset for China and the latter will not allow the circumstances to deteriorate to such an extent that Pakistan disintegrates.
The Pakistan Army is now not as strong in national affairs as it used to be. Right from the days of General Ayub Khan to the recent rule after a coup by General Pervez Musharraf, the Pakistan Army did whatever it wished to. Perhaps it sought and obtained the nod of Washington DC for a change of rue from civil to military. Now America is no longer one of the three As – America, Army and Allah; and in the same order of priority – that ran the show in Pakistan. China is a counter-balance to America and from the days of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Pakistan has been looking across the Himalayas and getting the required help and diplomatic support from the People’s Republic of China.
As of now, China has not given the nod to the Pakistan Army to go ahead withtheir plan to stage a coup and remove Zardari and Gilano of the People’s Party of Pakistan from authority China, of course, wishes to have a strong Pakistan Army to counter-balance the armed forces of India BUT AT THE SAME TIME MAINTAINING A CIVILIAN GOVT IN Islamabad will enhance the democratic image of China too.
The Pakistan Army too may not be interested in taking over the administration of a country laden with debt. The Army wishes to have the Authority without corresponding answerability to a constitutional body like the Parliament. At the same time the Army does not want the country to think that the troops are back in barracks and civil administration is supreme. A happy via media is the answer to the myriad problems. Since Zardari is involved in the old corruption cases, so the Supreme Court may order removal of corrupt administrators and that would make the Army Numero Uno once again.
Won’t that scenario be as good as a bloodless coup that would enthrone the generals with Chief as the Head of Administration and the State both. Thus general Ashfaq Pervez Kayani would steal a march over all the previous Chiefs put together. The son of an army havildar will be a Chief, a King and an Emperor - all in one. The dance of democracy will be stage managed by the Pakistan Army.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


By Chitranjan Sawant
The Foreign Minister of India went on an official visit to Malaysia. In its capital Kuala Lumpur he presented a set of silver bowls to his counterpart which was accepted with thanks. However, on a closer examination of the sterling silver presents it came to light that the silver ware was NOT made of silver but of a cheap alloy. On a further examination of records back home in New Delhi, it was discovered that the Ministry of External Affairs had paid a sum of Rs 44,000/- for the fake silver ware whereas the middle man who had facilitated the transaction had actually paid Rs 14,000 or so for the deal. The hell broke loose thereafter and an investigation in depth was ordered. The facts as stated heretofore were found to be true but no responsibility was pinpointed for bringing the Nation into disrepute.
It was further found that the same Foreign Minister, Shri SM Krishna had presented fake silver bowl to foreign ministers of other countries that he had visited. Not only that, it also came to light that the same middle man had been facilitating purchase and delivery of the fake silverware for the last ten years or so. Apparently some senior officers were also recipients of the largesse of these illegal transactions and they kept their mouths shut for a handful of silver and India continued to be put to shame for presenting fake silver ware to the foreign ministers of other countries with whom it wished to cultivate close friendly relations.
Nevertheless, no official, senior or junior has been punished for these acts and omissions of cheating that brought shame to our country. It is also not clear whether effective steps have been taken to ensure that there are no repetitions of such fake transactions in future. The law of the and may have to be made more stringent so that the cheats well versed in the art of fooling others do not get away with light punishment for serious crimes of this nature that involve reputation and image of the country.
It is rather unfortunate that the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India is involved in many acts and omissions of cheating directly or indirectly. There have been press reports about empty pass port books being found abandoned in uninhabited places or by the lake side in remote corners. If the blank pass port books are kept in safe custody under lock and key, there is no way of their disappearance surreptitiously. Many foreign terrorists were found in possession of the Indian pass ports seemingly issued through due process sanctioned by law. However, issuance of pass ports was done after palms of officials were greased and a lot of money changed hands elsewhere.
Moral of the story is that the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt of India has to tighten its belt and ensure that its blank documents or forged documents do not change hands and pass on into the hands of terrorists lest the security of our motherland is jeopardised.
Special Psychology lessons for the officers and clerks of the men and women handling sensitive documents have to be conducted to ensure security of sensitive documents. Now terrorism in many forms is on the ascendancy and any loose talk or inappropriate comment may harm us and benefit the enemy. Of course, no patriotic person will like that to happen. If a traitor is up to an act of this nature it is our sacred duty to prevent it.
Let us remember that our Dharma prohibits us from destroying our values of life and helping the enemy across the border for a handful of silver. Passing on fake silver ware as sterling silver and causing its presentation to a minister of a neighbouring country will indeed destroy friendly relationship. Such acts, if repeated every now and then, will damage the credibility of our country and no other country will take our WORD seriously. Indeed the permanent loss in diplomacy will be ours. The damage done will be irreparable and the isolation of India that is Bharat may be in perpetuity.
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Monday, January 9, 2012


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
Empty vessels make much noise – indeed an old saying that is true today too. If a pitcher is full, it will make no noise at all. It will just carry water from point A to point B. On the contrary, a pitcher carrying just a little water will announce that it has no weight and may be ignored. Experienced observers of the Indian polity do not fight shy in expressing their opinion that the political parties that wear their secularism on their sleeves are patently communal. We shall analyse that a little later right in this article.
The Indian Armed Forces are a glaring example of being religious but never communal. The rank and file follow the religious custom and tradition meticulously but do not discriminate against a soldier, sailor or an airman because he professes a faith that is different from the one professed by an overwhelming majority of soldiers. All of them wine, dine and go into battle together against the enemy that follows a faith different from what the Indian majority follows.
The Truth is stranger than fiction. Many a practice narrated by war veterans is true to the tradition of togetherness. “Sanghatchhdhum samvadadhwam samvo manasijantam...”, the import of this Ved mantra of Togetherness comestrue when all soldiers fix their bayonets, utter a full throated battle cry and charge into the enemy( read Pakistan) bunkers likea ferocioustiger determined to kill. Theydo kill theenemywithout asking or trying to know what faith he professed. To the Indian soldiers, the Pakistani soldiers are just” Enemy of the Nation” irrespective of the religion that they follow.
The Maratha Light Infantry recruits its Jawans fromthe western India. A vast majority comprises Hindus who hold Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as the Role Model. With the advent of composite battalions, some Muslims of Maharashtra and Karnataka areas were also recruited. In the infantry charge all soldiers of the MLI raise a full throated battle cry “Bol CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ KI JAI” and thrust their bayonets into the stomach of the Pakistani enemy, who were all Muslims The desendants ofAfza lKhan who was killed in action by Chhatrapati ShivajiMahara jnever hesitated even for a moment in keeping companywiththeir Hindu comrades-in-arms.
TRUE SECULARISM IN BATTLE LIES HERE. Practising true secularism and not a pseudo one has indeed paid good and rich dividends.
There are numerous examples of this nature. In the Rajputana Rifles, some rife companies raise the full throated battle cry ”Bol RAJA RAMCHANDRA KI JAI”AND SEND THE ENEMY PACKING TOTHE NEXT WORLD.
In the political domain the story is so different that the word : “Secularism”loses lustre. Its meaning is dissolved in the muddy waters of the local pond. Let us take the example of the first elected government of Kerala being dismissed by the Centre for dereliction of duty. Nehru was the Prime Minister but could not help being partial to his own Congress party of which his daughter, Indira Ji was the President. Not only that; the so called secular party the Indian National Congress entered into an alliance with the most low level communal party, Muslim League that was instrumental in creating a theocratic state called Pakistan. Congress mistakenly boasts of being a secular party but is still in alliance with the Muslim league and has a rank communalist as a minister at the Centre. Indeed! All that glitters is not gold.
When the Election Commission announces that elections in so and so state would beheld on so and so dates, there is a mad scramble among the pseudo-secular parties to field a Brahmin candidate from a Brahmin dominated constituency, a Kshatriya from akshatriya dominated constituency. Secularism is thrown to the winds. Our political leaders say one thing and profess another. The principle of secularism is the first casualty in a battle or in an electoral conflict. No leader, big or small, makes an endeavour to rescue the favourite hobby horse named secularism. It dies a pre-mature death in every electoral fray. Muslims become a much sought after community for their votes cast en-bloc. That image has now got a crack in the mirror. Nevertheless Muslims voting for Muslim candidates is nothing short of committing murder of secularism.
The Congress party and the governments in various States have jettisoned the principle of secularism at the drop of a hat and gone in for political expediency of the lowest order. Nonetheless, it must be asserted that a State run on the principle of secularism will produce positive results. Of course, what you sow, so must you reap. If the political parties of different hues and shades join hands to carry on the state administration on the principles of liberty, equality, fraternity and a sprinkling of secularism, the largesse of the State will be passed on to the people.
Secularism was born in Europe to get matters of State removed far away from the influence of the Christian church. The Pope of Rome had become so powerful that he would not only intervene in running of the State but also impose his views on monarchs in weddings and divorces. King Henry VIII of England not only broke away from the Catholic Church but also became a Protestant The King of England cannot be a Roman Catholic even today. Europe became a votary of the principle of secularism and that meant moving away from the shadow of influence of Pope of Rome. When that secularism came to India, it was confined to problems of Muslim separation from the State and not singing the national song like Vande Mataram, raising a slogan of patriotism like Bharat Mata Ki Jai and so on.
The more Gandhi Ji followed the policy of appeasement towards Muslims as a policy of secularism, the more stubborn Muslims under Jinnah became. The pseudo-secularism eventually led to the creation of Pakistan as the home land of the Indian Muslims. Neither Gandhi ji nor Nehru could fathom the abyss of the separatist mind of Muslims and kept on tolerating Separatism as Secularism. It was India that lost its undivided existence and its vivisection meant loss of lives, limbs and property. The al for secularism raised by the Congress from time to time was interpreted as appeasement of Muslims as a vote-bank and launching of one more anti-Hindu policy by the Congress.
The vast Hindu population of the country could see through the communal game of Muslim and Christian leaders of the Congress party when they brought an Anti-Communal Violence bill in 2005. It was a bill that smacked of communalism itself and one wonders why Sonia Gandhi was digging her own grave by this kind of thought process. The notorious bill was opposed by patriotic Indian s tooth and nail and did not reach the stage of introducing it in the Parliament. It was shelved for the time being. Opposition to this devilish design must go on.
The people of India will rise again to oppose this anti-Hindu and pro-Europe law and save the mother land, India that is Bharat from the Rakshas Raj being brought in as shady Secularism.
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM
Ajay Sood was his name. To his friends he was Kaka. To bosom friends or to bum chum, just kake. A man of a few words who had depth in his thoughts. He followed the Ved mantra in toto in this respect,”Ma tvam vado bahu”. The mantra enjoins on the believers not to talk a lot. In other respects he could be classified as a recluse who lived his life unbound by rules made by man. No wonder he remained unmarried all his life. Vivah Sanskar was meant to bind a man and a woman in chains for the entire life; never mind if the chain is a golden one.
Kake was Prometheus Unbound from day one in 1944 till he breathed his last on the last day of the last year,2011.
What a contradiction in terms. The man who was far from uniformity in society to the extent of not touching the institution of marriage with a barge pole, loved to wear the uniform of the military. Military is an institution where regimentation is at its peak. A man who was independent in thought and action was keen on joining the Air Force. He loved to fly but it remained a dream. Dream that did not come true. He kept on pursuing it in another form. Joined the Indian Army as a commissioned officer. It was his sheer ambition that made him a Para Commando.
In the India-Pakistan conflict of 1965, he advanced and advanced. Almost knocked at the doors of Lahore, the epicentre of the undivided Punjab. His place of birth, Shimla was the summer capital of both India and the undivided Punjab. What a thrill; what a kick that beggars description. His ambitions as a uniformed officer were high but the castle in the air came tumbling down when his tenure as an Emergency Commissioned Officer came to a sudden end.
Kake had to bid adieu to the uniformed that he loved to wear. Never mind, he assured himself. There were avenues galore open to him. He had just to venture out and hedid spread his wings far and wide. Mountains were his love. He was born a Pahari and would die a Pahari. He bought land in Palampur in Himachal Pradesh and started building a house there. Tourism and trekking in the high hills and unexplored zones were his new found love. It was here that he met with tremendous success.
The energy of a mountain man was unleashed now. The birds, the bees, the flowers, the leaves, not forgetting thorns of remote regions beckoned him and his tourists who came from distant lands and spoke languages unheard of so far in the romantic regions of the divine Himachal. The project of tourism and trekking in the high Himalayas was a roaring success. Kake had rediscovered himself and found unfathomed joy.
The blessed man took to writing. His prolific knowledge in the undiscovered region attracted publishers of repute who had excelled in the tourist industry. Before he could give a second thought to the new proposal from an eminent publisher in the tourism domain, Kake was sitting in the Editor’s chair. He wielded his pen well. The new magazine was sold like hot cakes. Many new airlines made a bee line for it and the fliers loved to read his articles flying high over the snow clad peaks of the Himalayas.
Death gives no notice. Kake suddenly discovered that he had been nourishing the dreaded disease called cancer. Nevertheless his spirits were high. He kept on doing whatever he loved todo. The besan ka laddoo was his favourite sweet and he had them till his last breath. Kake lived the way he wished to. Like a good commando he battled with cancer till the end came. Kake fought hard, the result was not in his domain.
Yogeshwar shri krishne had counselled: do thy duty; the end result is not for you to see.
Kake was a conformist at the end for a change. May the Commando’s soul rest in peace for ever.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thousands came back to their Ancestoral Vedic Path - Arya Samaj takes up Massive Shudhi Yajna

31/12/2011 15:36:19

Update on 29 Dec 2011: The final leg of Shuddhi program has been postponed to January 2012 to bring larger number of participants. The previous program saw violent threats to volunteers and participants, and hence we intend to do the next event in more planned manner ensuring safety of all. The pics and videos of the previous events shall be made public in next few days after due diligence process.

Update on 26 Dec 2011: The actual number of Shuddhis for previous program was 2000, though initially 900 were planned to attend.

Update on 25 Dec 2011:

In yet another formal ceremony, 857 Christian brothers & sisters resolved to return back to their Vedic/ Hindu roots on the opportune day of Christmas. Agniveer heartily welcomes them back to the family where they would admire the real Krishna instead of Christ fiction. Another 50 erstwhile Mohammedans also embraced the Vedic/Hindu religion of their ancestors in the same ceremony. All these people have now resolved to become humans instead of a Christian or a Mohammedan. Agniveer thanks all individuals and organizations that joined hands to make this ceremony a success in a region infested with fanatics amidst grave dangers and violent oppositions from antisocial elements.

Update on 24 Dec 2011:

In yet another Agniveer sponsored program, 102 truth-seekers formally embraced the Vedic Dharma/Hinduism of their ancestors. We welcome the reunion with our long-lost family members who till recently used to call themselves as allied to Mohammedans or Christians alone. Agniveer thanks all organizations and individuals who made this homecoming possible. More details very soon.

Update on 23 Dec, 2011:

Agniveer welcomes 1200 brothers and sisters who formally resolved to promote Vedic Dharma/ Hinduism in a function organized today in a prominent location in Uttar Pradesh, India. These people, who so far considered themselves as only Mohammedans, have decided to now consider entire humanity as their own family regardless of religion, cast or cult and embrace Vedas. We thank every individual and organization that contributed in this noble effort. We humbly dedicate this to glory of Swami Shradhanand – the father of Shuddhi movement – who was murdered by a fanatic today 85 years ago. More updates on this later.

Earlier Update:

We thank all our patrons for their overwhelming support to the Shuddhi Yajna. We had truly not anticipated such a widespread acceptance of this concept across geographies, religions and sects.

As we had detailed earlier, the event was supposed to happen at Haridwar, the Karmabhoomi of legendary Swami Shradhanand who was the father of Shuddhi movement on occasion of his martyrdom. However the institution which had committed to arrange for boarding and lodging of the participants in Haridwar suddenly backed off yesterday. We are not aware of the reasons and external pressures that might have forced them to take such an anti-Vedic decision merely 3 days before the program. After all no one can deny the strings that sickular leaders of this country can pull to thwart any Hindu mission. But we can only speculate.

The narrow space of time made it practically impossible for us to make any alternative arrangements for hundreds of participants in this cold wave. So while the shocking turn of events did disappoint us for a while, eventually it reaffirmed our belief that if we are on path of truth, whatever the Supreme Lord does is for our own benefit. We don’t know how to thank Him for his continued kindness!

With His inspiration, we have now streamlined the entire process of Shuddhi for greater penetration. Now we are conducting multiple events in major locations of India from where majority of participants were coming. So now instead of a single event in Haridwar, we are having 4 different events between 23rd December and 30th December 2011. These events not only cover the entire group of original participants but reach out to many more lovers of Vedic or Hindu Dharma. To provide a rough estimate, we are now reaching out to 4 times the original number of participants.

The details of these events are not being made public at this juncture to ensure there are no further unanticipated hindrances or strings impacting them. We shall showcase all these details once the events have been conducted.

Further, the same series of events would continue throughout next year and we have started developing necessary infrastructure to facilitate entry of any spiritual person into Vedic Dharma. We estimate several thousand people to take benefit of this in the next 6 months.

A large number of foreign participants also expressed their interests in joining this Yajna. However arrangement of Visa within such a short span of time was a problem for most of them and hence most of them requested to postpone the event. Thus we have decided to organize a special event for foreign participants next year wherein they get ample time to fulfill Visa and other requirements. We shall soon come up with more details on this.

We would also like to highlight a few important points regarding the concept of Shuddhi as envisaged by Agniveer. Please note that Shuddhi has nothing to do with proselytization. It is simply a process whereby a person belonging to any race, sect, religion, place, caste, gender etc formally commits to consider the entire humanity as his own family and upheld the Vedic virtues of truth, non-violence, character, social well-being and universal humanism. We call it Shuddhi because it is a commitment to keep purifying oneself every moment from ill thoughts and ill actions.

The other name of the same Yajna is Vedic Deeksha Yajna (Vedic initiation) because this is a commitment to be driven by intellect and put all efforts to nurture the intellect. After all it is the intellect wherein Vedas or true wisdom lie.

Since Vedas belong to an era when there was no other religion and Vedas put no artificial criteria on being eligible, all human beings are eligible to embrace the Vedic Dharma or Hindu Dharma or Hindutva regardless of their race, sect, religion, caste, gender etc. All you need to do is to be honest and follow the inner voice.

We hope that all right-minded peace-loving people of the world would join the mission of embracing this Vedic Dharma or Hindu Dharma or Hindutva. And make world a better place!