Monday, April 27, 2009

ഓം ധിയോയോ ന: പ്രചോദയാല്‍

Dear Aryas! Namasthe! Let us look at our selves first! How is gong on our present Arya Samaj organizational expansions?. How many Arya Samaj units were in India before our tragic partition? How many new units we could create over these years? How many State units or Prantheeya sabhas presently we have? Are we satisfied with our present strength? Does our office bearers of Sarvadeshik Sabha and prantheeya sabhas have a plan or vision to propagate and expand their activities? Does our office bearers have sufficient time to visit new areas and find out the viability of establishing new samajams as it was the primary objective of first generation disciples of Maharshi Dayanand? Can any one tell me the number of new units established by respective state units of Arya Samajams in last five years? Should our work to be confined to some hindi speaking areas? The survival of vedic culture is at stake at north eastern and southern states. Does our office bearers of various central/state units have few minutes to think of it? Lakhs of rupees are being spent during `Rishi bodhotsav’ and `Swamy Sradhanand balidan’ functions (most of them are very lavish) at northern part of our country. Can’t we utilize few funds for propagation of Arya Samaj ideals in distant places? When will we get the bodh of rishi and missionary spirit of Swamy Sradhanand for propagation of Arya Samaj ideals to new places? Can’t we utilize the services of brahmacharis who are passing out from various Gurukuls every year for propagation of Samaj work at different areas for at least two years? Shouldn’t we elect only those leaders who have sufficient time to look after the organizational affairs and dedication for the cause of Maharshi dayanand to top positions of our organisation? Dear Arya Sadasyas our nation is passing on a difficult time. We have to bring back the valour and dedications of those immrotal Arya missionaries whose names are written in golden lines in Arya Samaj history. Om Dhiyoyo na prachodayal!

ആര്യ സമാജത്തിന്‍റെ വിഷു സന്ദേശം

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Maharshi Dayanand awakened the Indian masses from their centuries old deep sleep. He could ignite some noble souls like Pt. Lekharam, Swamy Sradhanand, Gurudath Vidyarthi etc for rejuvenating the lazy mass. The yeoman services and movements of Arya Samaj flourished during British rule could not continue its vigor and speed after our independence in 1947. India is fast returning to the conditions prevailed here during nineteenth century. Vedas and Arshgranthas are being neglected now and thanthrik and pauranic literature emerged in their place.Arise! Awake! Aryas!. We have to take a leading role now. Let us make a result oriented action plan for next coming 15 years in Kerala (by the time of 200th birth anniversary celebrations of Maharshi Dayanand which is coming in year 2024).

1. Strengthen the existing units by study classes, social activities. Try to find out suitable scholars to take regular classes on vedic literatures and Arya Samaj ideology in a systematic manner. Expand the Sathsand units in all (14) districts by 2010 end. Presently our work is already there in five districts.

2. Translate the complete works of Dayanand into Malayalam and distribute them to interested people with nominal charges. This job is in progress now. Hope we will be able to distribute Sathyarth Prakash within next few months @ Rs.50 to 60/-. The Dayanand Veda bhashyam translated by Sri. Kizhanellur Parameswaran Namboothiri is almost ready for printing. The biography of Maharshi Dayanand is presently out of print. This will be ready for sale very shortly. Planning to publish a malayalm vedic journal for propagating Arya Samaj ideals.

3. Conduct training camps for performing Agnihothram and shodasha kriyas periodically. First such camp is planned in 1st week of May 2009. A team of dedicated Purohiths will be ready to perform Shodasha kriyas free of cost in their localities of each units by December 2009. Encourage and motivate our members to conduct Agnihothram and shodasha kriyas in their families.

4. Kerala is not having any full fledged vedic gurukul yet. This is essential for bringing a new generation of students who should have immense knowledge in vedic literature and Yagya tradition. We are trying to establish a Pt. Lekharam memorial Gurukul at Malappuram district by 2010 academic year. Few suitable locations are identified for starting this Gurukul. This will be finalized within a year.

5. Our organized work officially started on last `Rishi Bodhotsav’ (Shiv rathri day i.e. 23 Feb 2009). We will be completing three months in May 2009. The office bearers and organisers of all districts were named in a meeting held at Aluva on 01 Feb 2009. Their work progress will be reviewed in the executive meeting being held on Ist week of May 2009 and suggest future course of action in a planned manner.

6. One Sadsangan and Agnohothram is planned to conduct in Palakkad, Thrissur and Kottayam districts during Apr 2009.

7. It is planned to conduct regular classes on Sanskrit, vedic literatures and ideals of Maharshi Dayanand in each units by well known Arya scholars.

8. The important historical events of Arya Samaj movement and martyrdom days of Arya Missionaries who laid down their life for vedic propagation will be commemorated in all units with dedication. Various functions and sathsangs will be organized on these occasions. Encourage members to donate liberally for samaj works during such functions.

9. The required fund for various samaj activities to be mobilized through donations from like minded people and institutions. Proper accounting and austerity measures to be adopted by all office bearers and units for effective financial management.

10. To achieve the above objectives, we required the solid support of all ardent followers of Maharshi Dayanand in Kerala. We expect the physical, moral and financial support of all right thinking Aryas to carry forward our mission. Please do not send any financial assistance till we get formal affiliation and our Bank account is opened.

May the Vishu festival bring us happiness and dedication to carry forward our mission with more enthusiasm.`Om krinvantho vishwamaryam!’
With regards,
For Kerala Arya Prathinidhi Sabha Adhoc Committee
KM Rajan Arya
Cell No.09446575923

Sunday, April 26, 2009

ആര്യ സമന്വയാഷ്ടകം - ഒരുണര്‍ത്തുപാട്ട്!

ഉണരുക! ഉണരുക! ആര്യന്മാരെ ഉണരുക! വീണ്ടുംശ്രേഷ്ഠന്മാരേ!
ദയാനന്ദ ഋഷി തന്നനുയയികളെ!
വേദ ദിവാകരകാഹളനാദം
കേരളഭൂവില്‍ ‍വീണ്ടുമുയര്തൂ .... (ഉണരുക....)

വൈദിക യജഞ സ്വാധ്യായത്താല്‍
ഖീരലമാഖ്‌െ പ്രഭചൊരിയട്ടേ!
ഹകീകത്‌ റായ് മാര്‍ നിരയായ്‌ നില്പൂ.... (ഉണരുക...)

ഇരുപതോന്നിന്‍ ഭീഷണ വേളയില്‍
ഏറനാട്ടിന്‍ കണ്ണീരൊപ്പാന്‍
വീരദയാനന്ദ സൈനികരെത്തി
ശ്രദ്ധാനന്ദനിഋഷിരാമന്മാര്‍ മലബാറാകെ ശുദ്ധിനടതതി..... (ഉണരുക....)

ബുദ്ധസിംഹനും വേദ ബന്ധുവും
സത്യാര്ത്ഥത്തിന്‍ പാതയോരുക്കി
അഭയദേവനും കേശവദേവനും
ആര്യഭാഷതന്‍ പ്രചാരകരായി (ഉണരുക ....)

വൈദികമാകും സംപത്തേന്തി ലാഹൊര്‍ ‍വിട്ടൊരു
പരമേശ്വരനുംഹര്‍ഷ വര്‍ധന നരേന്ദ്ര ഭൂഷണ വേലയുധനാം നൈഷ്ഠികനും
അര്യ ഭാസ്കര വൈശേഷികനും യെമ്മറെന്നൊരു യുവ താത്വികനും
ശുദ്ധി നടത്തി പവിത്രനാകിയ കുലിയാതാര്യ മുസാഫിരറു മൊത്ത് (ഉണരുക...)

പേരുകളിനിയും ചൊല്ലാനുണ്ടേ! പേരുകള്‍ വെണ്ടാത്തവരും ഉണ്ടേ!
സമന്വയത്തിന്‍ വൈദിക ഭാവം ഭാര്ഗവ ഭൂവില്‍ വീണ്ടുമുയര്ത്താന്‍
രക്തംനല്കാഠ ജീവന്‍ നല്കാഠ വേണ്ടിവന്നാല്‍ ദധീചിയുമാവാന്‍
യജ്ഞരൂപ പ്രഭോ! ഞങടെ ഭാവമുജ്ജ്വലമക്കണേ! (ഉണരുക...)

വേദവാങ്മയ മാര്ഷനാദമായ്
കെരളമകെ പ്രഭചൊരിയട്ടെ!
ഇദം ന മമയുദെ സാര്ധക
ഭാവംവീണ്ടും നമമിലുണര്‍ത്തീടട്ടെ! (ഉണരുക...)

ബലിദാനത്താല്‍ പ്രോജ്വലമാക്കിയ
പാരിനേ മുഴുവന്‍ വൈദികമാക്കൂ
യെന്നാശ്രുതിയെ സാര്ധകമാക്കാം (ഉണരുക...)

By ആര്യ മിഷനറി കെ എം രാജന്‍ ആര്യ

Saturday, April 25, 2009

വേദ വിചാര സത്രം ഏപ്രില്‍ 26 നു തിരുവനതപുരത്ത്

Thiruvananthapuram Arya Samaj is conducting a Veda Vichara Sathram at Thiruvananthapuram Press Club on 26 Apr 2009 from 0930 AM. The learned Arya Scholars Sri. Raju Poonjar and Gopalakrishna Vaidik will submit their research papers on Vaidika threthavadam and Vedangalile apaurusheyatha. For more details contact Secretary, Thiruvananthapuram Arya Samaj.

വൈദിക സ്വാധ്യായ ശിബിരം മേയ് 1,2,3 തിയ്യതികളില്‍

Three days free training camp for dedicated Arya Missionaries of Kerala will be held during 1,2 and 3 May 2009 at Perinthalmanna. The syllabus of the camp includes Dainik agnihothra, brief lessons on shodasa sanskar, Sathyarth Prakash, vedic literature etc. The classes will be taken by renowned Arya scholars. We will be able to accomodate only a few persons for this batch due to lack of resources. Interested persons may contact us at with brief biodata.
കേരള ആര്യ പ്രതിനിധി സഭ
ആര്യ സമാജത്തിന്റെ കേരളഘടകം രൂപികരിക്കപ്പെട്ടു...ആര്യ സമാജത്തിന്റെ അംഗികാരത്തിനായ്‌ നിയമനടപടികള്‍ നടന്നുവരുന്നു....