Friday, September 9, 2011


The Delhi High Court was attacked by the Islamist terrorist once again on Wednesday, 7th Sept 2011. Earlier in May this year there was a terror attack on the temple of justice but it failed to make an impact because the device to harm people around failed to explode. Precious lives were saved. The Delhi Police and the Home Minister, Govt of India saved themselves the bother of going into depth of the incident. No arrests were made, no cases filed and within a few days the business was as usual.

Had the gentleman named P.Chidambaram walked an extra metre to pursue the semi-successful act of terror, 13 precious lives of our citizens would have been saved in the second attack of terror. Unfortunately, no clues worth pursuing have been found so far and catching straw in the wind, an analyst may surmise that the latest terrorist blast would remain unsolved like many more in the recent past. This is another feather of failure in the much feathered hat of our hero of yester years, Shri P. Chidambaram.

The National Investigation Agency, a favourite hobby horse of the Union Home Minister has not proved itself in investigating an act of terror successfully so far. The penchant of starting a new outfit has the better of powers that be and they fail to coordinate their activities Moreover, the turf war among different govt agencies start before the investigation has started. The ever confused UPA govt is at a loss to decide what to do next. It gives birth to anger and anguish among the common man. Consequently, even Sonia Gandhi, on return home after five weeks in USA where she underwent surgery for undisclosed ailment, was greeted with slogans like “Sonia Gandhi Hai Hai”raised by a crowd of Aam Aadami who has known and felt where the shoe of terror pinches.

An attack on Mumbai by the Islamist terrorist on 26/11 in 2008 was an attack on Bharat or India. It was and is the sacred duty of every Indian, men, women and adolescents, to rally round the national leadership of all political, cultural and religious groups to defend and protect everything that is Indian and thwart terrorist invasion at all cost. A person living in India and nurtured by the Indian economy whose personality has been developed by the Indian education must stand up and be counted as a defender of the national faith.

An Indian who fights shy of fighting against the terror or who prefers to support terrorists and foreign countries out to destabilise India will not be counted among the Patriots. He or she will find a place among the traitors and stand behind Jai Chand, Mir Jaffar and their tribe.


One comes across some failed politicians who lost elections and trust of the people of their constituency or the state. And these failed political "know-nothing of Patriotism" types still wish to bask in the limelight by hook or crook. They go around issuing public statements that only morons may like. Those public statements are, generally speaking, anti-national and far removed from the spirit of patriotism. Then there are some reporters hungry for news lest they are pulled up by the chief sub-editor for not filing a story. So the twain meet and form a club of eccentric men and women who take pride in running down patriots, soldiers, saints and men or women who have made a mark or left an imprint on pages of history. The failed friend just takes pride in spitting skyward; never mind if the discarded dirty saliva falls on his own face. He thinks he has made a mark; little realising that he has become a laughing stock and brought a bad name to his family and friends, if he has any.

The mad cap who calls names and distorts history to prove his point, eventually lands up in the company of traitors, terrorists and the like. He uses honorific words for top terrorists, visits their families to console them if their wards are incarcerated and promises them all types of help and support, both moral and material. He never visits families of those who were martyred, men and women who laid down their lives for the cause of the country. His aim is not to contribute to the betterment of the society he lives in, his sole aim is personal gratification and personal publicity even if it is a negative one. The self proclaimed hero who in fact is a zero claims proximity to the seat of power that rules the country by hook or crook.

A man with sinister intentions and sinful thinking that goes against the grain of the Bhartiya Sanskriti wishes to make news by destroying the ethos of his own country. He has learnt the definition of the NEWS: "when a dog bites a man, it is no news but when a man bites a dog, it is news". The gentleman, if he can be called one, is the man who has been biting just about every living being, including dogs, just to make it to Page Three of the local newspaper named "The Dhoom-Dharaka Times". May be a local TV channel that thrives on yellow journalism ask for his byte where he really bites all that is dear to the nation.

I shall advise the dog biter to read a treatise of the 19th century India called “Satyarth Prakash” and feel enlightened about patriotism. The author of the ever green book, Swami Dayanand Saraswati had written in 1874 that self rule was any day superior to a foreign govt notwithstanding its love for the Queen’s subjects. Indeed a piece of bold patriotic writing published at a time when the British rule in India was at its zenith, awakened the dormant patriotism of the common man in India. Maharishi Dayanand, as he came to be known later, is worth emulating by one and all in Bharat and beyond.

The Indian Army has its motto "Nation Above All" but this self-seeker caricatured heretofore has one motto to live by - Just Me and Me: after me the Deluge." By the way, there are no prizes for guessing correctly who the person, mentioned in despatches, is.

O country men! Time is running out. Let us unite against terror, fight against it and uproot it from our motherland forever. Should there be an anti-national interference from any quarter, we vouch to uproot them too and send them across the seven seas lock stock and barrel. May Param Pita Parmatma help us do our patriotic duty to our motherland, Bharat Mata. Let us say in unison VANDE MATARAM VANDE MATARAM.
By Chitranjan Sawant

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