Thursday, December 22, 2011

russian orthodox christian church scared of gita

By Brigadier(Retd) Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

TRUTH is a bitter pill and is difficult to swallow by weak-kneed government of India. The Prime Minister of India had paid a four-day visit to Russia last week but did he raise the issue of proposed ban on the GITA by a court of law in Siberia? He is mum on the issue so far. Generally speaking, he is mum on issues that involve good of the majority of Indians. He speaks about minorities only announcing that Muslims have the first right on the wealth of India. Is it because he himself belongs to a minority community and has never thought of backing important issues pertaining to the majority community. He may be ignored because he is only a de jure prime minister and he is remote-controlled by another centre of power.
Sonia Gandhi, a practising Roman Catholic Christian and the real controller of the decision making process being President of the Congress Party, has chosen not to say anything on the proposed legal ban on Bhagwad Gita in Russia? Why?
The Russian Ambassador in India regretted the controversy on Bhagwar Gita and attributed the legal issue to some mad men. He might have drawn some comfort by issuing this statement that is not the whole truth. The State Prosecutors had filed this case of imposing a ban on one of the most important religious scripture of the Hindus all over the world. Gita stands next to the Vedas. Yogeshwar Shri Krishna, a student of a Gurukul, had said everything in the Gita that concerns a man’s life, problems and solutions. It is one of the scriptures that lead human beings to a state where one gets peace – physical, mental and spiritual. A genius like Einstein derived Peace and tranquillity to soothe the troubled mind.
One wonders how a scripture can be called a piece of literature that promotes Terror? There is no doubt that the move to get a legal ban on Gita through a court of law is the product of a Satanic mind that wishes to absolve the State and the kremlin of any blame. On the face of it the Russian State is a secular one but in actual practice it is the Russian Orthodox Church that is trying to control lives of Russian people and have them driven like a flock of sheep with no intellectual or spiritual freedom to draw sustenance from scriptures like the Bhagwad Gita. The Shepherd feels threatened that his flock of sheep will go elsewhere for spiritual advancement and not remain in stagnant waters of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church.
Has the Kremlin said anything about the mad men filing a case against a Hindu scripture in a Siberian Court? No, not a word. Has Putin, the iron man of Russia, spoken on the subject condemning mad men who are the State Prosecutors? How will the executive head of the government condemn the State Prosecutors of his own government? Apparently, the whole case is a well planned Russian conspiracy against the scripture of the Hindu Dharma. The Hindus of the world will oppose this move tooth and nail even if it comes to closing down the Russian embassy in New Delhi.
The Russian Ambassador is just hiding this conspiracy of the Kremlin with a fig leaf. Russia stands exposed before the world as a State that discriminates against its own citizens professing the Hindu Dharma No prosecution can be launched in Siberia unless it has the nod of Moscow. The Russian government is not meek Manmohan govt in New Delhi where the right hand does not know what the left is doing.
If the Russian Ambassador is serious about his statement that the prosecution case against Bhagad Gita is a handiwork of mad men, et him write to the Kremlin to issue orders to the State Prosecutors to withdraw the said case forthwith and make the final outcome public. Let him assure the govt and the people of India that a dateline to complete the legal process of withdrawal of the case has been fixed and shall be adhered to under all circumstances A failure on his part to do so would just mean that he is just playing Russian Roulette where the age-old friendship between India and USSR, now Russia may be the first casualty.
The next step for the Russian State should be to rein in the Russian Orthodox Christian Church and not let them run amuck. It is a well known fact that the white Russian men and women, young boys and girls are spiritually a devotee of Yogeshwar Shri Krishna and they draw comfort from the advice given by Shri Krishna to warrior Arjuna on the battle field of Mahabharat prior to sounding of the conch shells and shooting of the first arrow. The troubled minds of Russians find PEACE from the Gita and also by visiting temples of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). What provides peace of body, mind and soul can never be termed as a piece of literature that promotes Terror.
The diplomats are running away from reality. Because Reality Bites. The Russian Orthodox Christian Church is unprepared to face the Truth. They have failed to answer the nagging doubts of the young inquisitive minds, the scientific minds. The youth cannot be controlled by fables and half truths that the pre-communist regime generation was fed on. The Communist regime was more than harsh in closing down churches and the State came down on the Orthodox Christians with a heavy hand. The Christians were hounded out mercilessly and the churches were locked p as long as the USSR lasted. With the falloff the Communist regime the revival of the Russian Orthodox Church was done with a greater vengeance. The Communist icons were pulled down. Anything that was even remotely connected with communism was not only shunned but thrown overboard to be drowned in the Volga or the Caspian Sea. The hold of the Russian Orthodox Church on the people of Russia and later on the State of the Russian Federation increased and strengthened day by day Now the same church that was hunted by the Communists has now appeared in a new Avatar of a hunter chasing everything non-Christian for a kill.
The religious scripture of the Hindus, Bhagwad Gita is now being targeted by the Russian Orthodox Christian Church as the latter feels threatened by the former. May I invite the wise men and women of Russia to cast aside their blinkers and see the sunlight. Let the TRUTH be accepted by one and all by casting aside fake fig leaf of a legal case that is a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.
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  1. AUM
    By Chitranjan Sawant

    It is not legally feasible for a mad men to file a suit in a court of law in Siberia, Russia to declare the holy book of the Hindus, Bhagvad Gita a terrorist literature.. Apparently the Russian Ambassador in India when he took the pea of prosecution case being filed by mad men, he had slipped somewhere. Legally speaking.

    State Prosecutors had filed the said case. As per procedure they must have obtained the clearance at the highest level to file that case. If that be the case, the Russian Ambassador in India is telling a lie.

    India should declare him persona non grata and ask him to pack his bags and go home.

    Putin! please wake up. You are hurting the religious feelings of a billion Hindus all over the world.. What kind of Christian you are? If someone slaps you on one cheek, you are supposed to turn the other cheek to receive the second slap. You are slapping the Hindus all over. Jesus Christ will never pardon you, old boy!