Sunday, January 15, 2012


Is some political party or India-baiter criminal element trying to provoke a communal riot? Is any neighbouring country doubling up its half hearted effort to create communal tension between Hindus and Mohammedans to gain some political mileage? In view of the ensuing elections in five States in February 2012 and declaration of results in early March 12, the political stakes are high. Anything may happen anytime. All patriotic citizens have to be alert and nip the communal trouble in the bud. The evidence available with the Delhi Police about the reprehensible act of ink-throwing on a Sanyasi who is a venerable Yoga Guru does not point the needle of suspicion to any organised crime syndicate or any political party that has stakes in the elections in five States next month.


The incident of black ink attack on the venerable Yoga Rishi, Swami Ramdev Maharaj deserves condemnation by all sane persons. The man who did this reprehensible act is named Kamran Siddiqi, a Muslim from the Jamia Nagar area where the Batla firing and Killing of Islamist terrorists had taken place in 2008. At that time two terrorists of the Indian Mujahideen and police inspector Sharma were killed in action. The residents of Jamia Nagar have been crying from roof tops that the police encounter was a fake one.

The mad man from Madhya Pradesh has been extending unqualified support to the Jamia Nagar residents. That gentleman, if he can be addressed as such, even took the trouble of going to Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh to express condolences to the families of the slain terrorists. No wonder the whole world castigates the Indian administration for going soft on Islamist terrorists. One wing condemns terrorism and the other wing expresses regrets forkilling terrorists. If the Govt of India keeps on projecting a pro-terror attitude like the one described heretofore, the day is not far off when all terrorists of different shades unite and choose that mad gentleman as their Leader. Naturally, he will be addressed as the Shadow Prime Minister.

In a number of street demonstrations staged by that mad man from Bhopal, speaker after speaker and Muslim Separatist leaders, who find solace in their make-believe citizenship of Pakistan after relinquishing that of Bharat, have castigated the govt of India for this staged encounter at the Batla House, as they call it. Swami Ramdev Ji had mentioned the Batla House terror incident and also the issue of black money of Indians stashed in foreign banks and the dual issues made kamran Siddiqi hopping mad to the extent of indulging in assault by throwing violently black ink on the serene face of Swami Ramdev Maharaj. It goes to the credit of the Yoga Rishi that he sat unmoved, kept a cheerful mien and advised his followers not to indulge into violent protest and not to harm the man who committed a criminal act. Some residents of the Jamia Nagar have spoken against Kamran Siddiqi’s presence in the area as a social nuisance. One local leader went out of the way to explain that Siddiqui does not represent the Muslim community of the area. He took pains to explain that Swami Ramdev Ji is a RESPECTABLE ASCETIC OF OUR COUNTRY AND THE residents OF Jamia Nagar hold him in high esteem. It, however, has yet to be substantiated and the Law will take its own course.

Swami Ramdev Ji sat unperturbed and after the hula-buloo had subsided, he said aloud that he had pardoned the perpetrator of crime. The Yoga Rishi affirmed that there was no personal enmity between the criminal and the victim and the victim did not wish to proceed with the case legally any further.
Reportedly, Kamran Siddiqi had acid too on his person and that could be used against the Yoga Rishi by him. Why did he not use acid, that question demands an answer.

The Delhi Police Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, Shri Kuruvilla and his team are interrogating the accused and going into depth about the Motive of the crime. The Police has not issued any statement on this aspect so far. Motive of the criminal is possibly the most important factor that all concerned would like to ascertain, establish and proceed further accordingly.
Anyway, the case is not as simple as it appears to be. There may be some political game plan behind the attack. Let us wait and see.
By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

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