Saturday, November 17, 2012


The famous Vedic Hymn recitation competion called ' Kadavallur Anyonyam' which used to be held on every year during the Karthika month started at Kadavallur in Kerala on 16 Nov 2012. Kadavallur Anyonyam is conducted in the month of November every year at the famous Sri Ramaswamy temple situated at Kadavallur, near Kunnamkulam, Thrissur Dt, Kerala. Traditional scholars of Rigveda assemble in the temple and enter in severe competitions in the chanting of Rigveda for eight days This friendly competition usually done between Thrissur Brahmaswam Madhom (Thrissur Yogam) and Thirunnavaya Brahmaswam Madhom (Thirunnavaya Yogam).  For more details visits this site

This year in the first session (Varam) on 16 Nov 2012, Vadakkumbat Narayanan Namboothiri seated in the front and started with the Hymn Apam na patha....(Vth vargga of 2nd chapter 1st Ashtakam of Rigvedam). Keezhmundayur Parameswaran Namboothiri and Paduthol Neelakandan Namboothiri helped him with raising hand mudras. Bhatti Vadakkedam Neelakandan Namboothiri of Thirunnavaya Brahmaswaom Madhom continued in Second Varam with Hymn Aasaavi swama..... (Rigvedam Ist Ashtakam, VIth chapter, Vth varggam). Dr.Jathavedan Namboothiri and Kothamangalam Vasudevan Namboothi helped him by raising hand mudras. The Jada prayogam was presented by Puliyannur Subrahmanian Namboothiri and Vadakkumbat Govindan Namboothiri of Thrissur Yogam.

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