Monday, April 27, 2009

ഓം ധിയോയോ ന: പ്രചോദയാല്‍

Dear Aryas! Namasthe! Let us look at our selves first! How is gong on our present Arya Samaj organizational expansions?. How many Arya Samaj units were in India before our tragic partition? How many new units we could create over these years? How many State units or Prantheeya sabhas presently we have? Are we satisfied with our present strength? Does our office bearers of Sarvadeshik Sabha and prantheeya sabhas have a plan or vision to propagate and expand their activities? Does our office bearers have sufficient time to visit new areas and find out the viability of establishing new samajams as it was the primary objective of first generation disciples of Maharshi Dayanand? Can any one tell me the number of new units established by respective state units of Arya Samajams in last five years? Should our work to be confined to some hindi speaking areas? The survival of vedic culture is at stake at north eastern and southern states. Does our office bearers of various central/state units have few minutes to think of it? Lakhs of rupees are being spent during `Rishi bodhotsav’ and `Swamy Sradhanand balidan’ functions (most of them are very lavish) at northern part of our country. Can’t we utilize few funds for propagation of Arya Samaj ideals in distant places? When will we get the bodh of rishi and missionary spirit of Swamy Sradhanand for propagation of Arya Samaj ideals to new places? Can’t we utilize the services of brahmacharis who are passing out from various Gurukuls every year for propagation of Samaj work at different areas for at least two years? Shouldn’t we elect only those leaders who have sufficient time to look after the organizational affairs and dedication for the cause of Maharshi dayanand to top positions of our organisation? Dear Arya Sadasyas our nation is passing on a difficult time. We have to bring back the valour and dedications of those immrotal Arya missionaries whose names are written in golden lines in Arya Samaj history. Om Dhiyoyo na prachodayal!

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