Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A regular classes for teaching Shodasha kriya sanskars will be held at Arya Samaj Pathananmthitta from October 2009 onwards. The classes will be held on each second saturdays and second sundays of all english months. The food and accommodation will be provided free of cost. Learned Arya scholar Sri. Arya Bhaskarji will be taking the classes & give guidance to Arya Missionaries. For more information, please contact us at aryasamajkerala@gmail.com with complete postal address and contact number.


  1. what is Arya missionaries? Is it like hindu missionaries?

  2. Arya means an enlightened person. It does not symbolises any cast,creed or nationality. Arya and hindu are synonymous words now. The name Arya is more better as it is a vedic origin. The word hindu was given to us by foreigners and its meaning in arabic and feebru languages are a slang!. So should we proud of these slangs or retain the vedic wisdom!