Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zakir Naik challenged for debate by Paropkarini

On behalf of Paropkarini Sabha, Dr Zakir Naik and IRF have been invited for an open house debate. They have been mailed and informed by phone as well. We keenly await their response. Following is the extract of invitation:

Islamic Research Foundation (IRF)


We would like to invite Dr Zakir Naik and his panel of scholars in IRF for an open house discussion on following topics:

a. Comparison of Quran and Vedas
b. Prophet Muhammad and Cow Slaughter in Vedas
c. Science and Human Rights in Quran
d. Paradise and Hell in Quran

This would be based on the material that IRF literature and 'publicity mechanisms' contain.

Kindly note that Paropkarini Sabha is the apex intellectual body of Arya Samaj.

We would invite this discussion to happen in open house with our panel of scholars in Vedas, Islam and Science so that the truth can be ascertained. We firmly believe that the material circulated by IRF in these regard is misleading and hence would like both parties to come to the truth through the process of Shastrath - 'logical debate to understand truth'.

Please advise on next steps on this so that the event can be organized at the earliest. The event would be organized as per convenience of IRF.


on behalf of
Paropkarini Sabha, Ajmer

We request those having admiration for Dr Naik or any links with IRF to help expedite the process.

Sri RC Qureshi, his secretary has promised to revert back with next steps at the earliest.

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